Outdoor spaces: furniture and finishes (second part)

The perfect setting for the outdoor spaces includes furniture, floors, verandas, garden pavilions, pergolas, and lighting

The recent sanitary emergency made many people locked up at home for several months, and made outdoor spaces even more valuable. As a result, outdoor furniture, which has been growing steadily for ten years, continues to thrive and is among the industries least affected by the crisis. Hence, firms are investing more and more in outdoor furniture, creating new products, with innovative and recyclable materials that use less energy, and ultimately more eco-friendly. Among the necessary items to furnish the garden or terrace, certainly include outdoor floors and outdoor lighting.

Outdoor floor for outdoor life

From Listone Giordano, a collection of parquet for outdoor use. Listone Giordano Outdoor features a variety of woods, including Fonteynes and Accoya ash from sustainably managed forests. Their biological durability is 25 years, and, thanks to natural treatments, they boast a particular resistance to weather agents. Listone Giordano Outdoor also offers teak and Ipé floors, which are already naturally durable and feature a width/thickness ratio that guarantees maximum stability. Moreover, the planks of the Outdoor collection sport a convex profile, which favors water flow, thus making the surface less slippery. Finally, the rounded profile prevents the planks from boarding. The image shows Listone Giordano Marine parquet, a two-layer parquet with birch support, to glue on.

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Outdoor wooden floor Marine, from the Listone Giordano Outdoor collection

Woodco’s Externo outdoor floors collection combines technology with the elegance of wood. The planks for the flooring of gardens and terraces consist of wood powder and high density recycled polyethylene. At the same time, this material is sustainable and extremely resistant to weather elements, as well as anti-slip and anti-scratch. For those who want extra protection, the Externo collection offers the Extrashield shielding system. It is a cover co-extruded with the plank, made from polymer enriched with UV stabilizers and antioxidants.  The shielding fully encapsulates every single board on all four sides, enhancing its resistance to stains of all kinds, mold, UV rays, and wear over time. Extrashield’s ultra protection also helps make maintenance even more manageable, reducing the need for any treatment after laying and throughout the lifespan of the product.

Wooden outdoor floor Externo, by Woodco

Outdoor kitchens: a growing trend

The long months of lockdown in the sanitary emergency pushed for higher use of outdoor spaces. According to the Design Summit Pambianco 2020, outdoor kitchens are also an upward trend in recent months.

Eternity, an outdoor kitchen by Gianna Farina for Strato, includes an island and a table completely covered in ceramic. Ceramic is a perfect material for outdoor use, as it is very resistant to all weather elements. The island consists of three white ceramic blocks, with stainless steel drums, the table is available in different finishes. Each piece of furniture is unique, made to measure, and on request.

Eternity outdoor kitchen, by Gianna Farina for Strato. Photo: Camilla Gorini

The Frame kitchen, by Salvatore Indriolo for Fantin, features almost exclusively single-material elements in 100% recyclable metal, painted with non-toxic powders. Thanks to a cataphoresis treatment, the kitchen is now resistant to the weather agents and rust, which is also perfect for outdoor use. Available with 2 or 3 modules, it can feature an integrated gas barbecue in stainless steel like the top.

Kitchen Frame, by Salvatore Indriolo for Fantin

See also Minikitchen by Joe Colombo for Boffi, Outdoor version

Minikitchen, designed by Joe Colombo in 1963, and manufactured today by Boffi in Corian, also for outdoor

Outdoor garden lights: the nomadic lamps, also for terrace and beach

The lamps for outdoor lighting of the garden or terrace are easy to carry, hang from trees, and draw outdoor paths. Often they are battery-operated or recharged with sunlight or with free cable.

Milk, by Emmanuel Gallina for Ethimo, is a nomadic lantern, portable, to provide light where it’s needed. Inspired by the milk bottle, it is made of etched glass and natural teak, leather handles, and works with sunlight.

Discover also armchairs and sofas for outdoor use, sunbeds, pergolas and garden pavilions here

Portable lamp Milk, by Emmanuel Gallina for Ethimo

Oh! Solar by Linealight Group is the perfect outdoor garden lights without cables. Thanks to a special panel, it can be recharged with sunlight and secured to the ground with a base. The diffuser is made of white polyethylene and features an on/off sensor. Switching on and off can also be manually operated with remote control.

Oh! Solar, by Linea Light Group

The rechargeable lamp for new nomads

Lantern, by Fabio Novembre for Kartell, is a portable LED lamp that is perfect for outdoor lighting of the garden, terrace, poolside, and paths. It’s a transparent, injection-molded ‘rechargeable lantern’ that can be recharged by leaning on a conductive base. A graphic effect casts light around it.

Lantern, by Fabio Novembre for Kartell

Otto, by Federica Farina for Oluce, is a marker lamp with LED light. It features a disc base with a cylindrical stem, which rests an adjustable half-sphere containing the LED light. The head is swiveling and allows us to direct the light beam with different inclinations.

Otto lamp, by Federica Farina for Oluce

Finally, a master classic is Pod Lens, by Ross Lovegrove for Luceplan, a lamp with LED light, completely in polycarbonate. It may hang from a tree, fixed to a wall, or ‘planted’ in the ground, freely.

Discover also armchairs and sofas for outdoor use, sunbeds, pergolas and garden pavilions here

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