Atim and transformable furniture

Atim presents Made in Italy home office furniture: transformable and versatile

With Mensola T-Able +39 by Atim you need just a 39 cm deep cabinet to install a strong and extendable table

Over the last months, millions of people in Italy and abroad have worked from home due to the Covid-19 health emergency. It has been a forced change, which has drastically changed people’s daily lives and will probably become a habit. However, working from home poses several problems. First, one of the main rules to keep one’s productivity high is, of course, to separate the working environment from the rest of the home. And the good news is that it is not necessary to revolutionize the whole house to create a pleasant and functional home office. Creative furnishing solutions allow you to create a dedicated corner even in very small spaces, provided that they are well-designed.

Evolution system by Atim

For over 20 years Italian company Atim has been developing furniture solutions that make the home more versatile. The modern design of the Trasformabili range pays particular attention to user-friendly mechanisms for practical and versatile furniture. The furniture systems of the Trasformabili collection offer pull-out, drop-down, foldable and extendable solutions, entirely made of aluminum. Trasformabili by Atim are perfect for contemporary, versatile and multifunctional furnishing styles. With the Evolution system, for example, it is easy to pull out a large desk hidden inside a cabinet. A simple open-close movement of the door at the beginning of the working day is enough to access the workstation, or to make room for other activities at the end.

Watch the video of the Evolution system by Atim


Atim Trasformabili: space-saving solutions

You can obtain a work or study corner even from a simple small drawer: with Mensola T-Able +39, you need just a 39 cm deep cabinet to install a strong table, 135 cm long and with a 100 kg load capacity. When you do not need it, the table fits into the drawer with a few quick moves, and the environment adapts to different needs. Desk is a classic spacesaver: the door of the cabinet drops to give you an extra top that leaves the interior of the cabinet unchanged, where you can keep everything you need to do your work. If you are looking for an equally convenient but even smarter solution, Homework offers an over 100 cm long table, thanks to its fold-out mechanism.

In the picture, Desk by Atim, when open. The bookcase door drops and becomes a desktop

The furnishing solutions from the Trasformabili series by Atim allow you to create the home office that best suits your needs. Atim systems are available throughout Italy and in over 50 countries around the world.

Guarda il video del sistema Lunch di Atim


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