Unical: heat that decorates

Unical revolutionizes the aesthetic canons of domestic warmth with award-winning Osa boiler and the TUA stove

In the past, the boiler used to be a white box, with a technical function, but to be hidden from view. A few years ago, with Osa, Unical revolutionized the concept of boiler. Osa is the hi-tech condensing boiler in energy efficiency class A+, designed as a piece of furniture. Its design provides that technical connections, such as flue gas discharge and connections, can be concealed, becoming invisible. With a thickness of only 18 centimeters and its formal rigor, Osa is a furnishing element to be exhibited, not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room and living areas in general.

ArtÙ Design Studio, which designed the Osa boiler for Unical, is formed by several professionals, specialized in giving a new look even to highly technical products. Thanks to them, even a boiler may have an attractive look. The front panel of the Osa boiler is available in different finishes and colors allowing you to create your style: Black, Red, Inox Supermirror, White, Apple Green, and Matt Black, which can be used as a blackboard. Osa can even look like a small vertical garden, in the Garden version.


Osa, the boiler with a digital soul

The technological soul of the Osa boiler by Unical is also digital. The Ufly retractable control panel allows you to program the various functions with a touch screen. Moreover, thanks to the room probe and the external probe, the Ufly control panel also works as a programmable thermostat and can be easily programmed remotely, with the homonymous app available for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The Osa boiler is available in the 24- and 35-kW version, and its dimensions are 930 mm (H) x 520 mm (W) x 180 mm (D). Thanks to its extraordinary technical performance, it offers high thermal efficiency, making it possible to save energy and reduce costs. Moreover, it is very quiet, with noise emission levels around 50 dB. Finally, thanks to all its requirements, Osa was awarded with the Red Dot Award in 2017 and was the first boiler to win a Compasso d’Oro Award in 2018.

TUA, the transformer stove

Unical continues its research in aesthetic innovation and extends it to classic stoves. TUA is an A+ energy class stove with an extra protective front panel, carved with different patterns, which transforms the stove into a decorative heating element. Depending on the interchangeable front panel, the flame creates different light effects and, thanks to the numerous variants, the space takes on different furnishing styles: 3D, Skull, Classic, Grandmother, Heart, now joined by the brand-new Splash, Mandala, Ellipse and Drops.

The TUA stove has a 6.2 kW heat output, with an internal fan for greater and better heat diffusion. The stove can be adjusted either using a remote control or remotely with a simple smartphone app.

Last but not least, Unical offers a 5-year extended warranty for the stove and the Osa exchanger.

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