Sustainable design by REgroup Architecture

In Lockeford, California, REgroup Architecture creates a sustainable structure for the city’s public and private events

Aerial view of The Line installation by REgroup Architecture

The Line is a temporary and sustainable structure located in Lockeford, in rural Northern California, designed by REgroup Architecture. This installation was designed as an alternative venue for any kind of public and private event, from weddings to musical and theatrical performances.


To make this project real, less than $5,000 were needed. Gary Lewis and Julie Wong of REgroup, wanted to design an extremely simple structure, without unnecessary components, but also very elegant.

Seen from above, The Line is a white strip emerging from Lockeford’s colorful fields. This ecofriendly installation created by REgroup, entirely made of wood, is 23 m long and its overall footprint is only 90 sqm. It is made with locally-sourced materials and a waterproof coating protects it from weather. The platform rests on pier footings fixed to the ground, giving an incredible feeling of lightness to those who walk on it. The base of the installation seems to be detached from the ground and to be floating in the air.

Once dismantled, the structure has an ultra-low footprint on the land. The Line, the ecofriendly installation by REgroup Architecture has a low impact on the environment: it respects the environment and preserves the integrity of surrounding nature.

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