Design and art in Desalto showroom

Desalto renovates the company showroom with an artistic installation and an area dedicated to the latest products

Desalto company showroom with the artistic layout by Gordon Guillaumier, “The Collector’s House”

On the occasion of Milano Design City 2020, Desalto renovated its corporate showroom in Cantù. Exhibition areas have been redesigned to display all the new collections, with a beautiful and artistic layout by Gordon Guillaumier, the brand’s art director. The installation, titled The Collector’s House, combines the charm of works of art with that of the brand’s historical products.

Desalt presents its latest products

Visitors to the company’s showroom in Cantù can touch and closely observe all the collections produced by Desalto in 2020. Among the latest products, there are the Fourmore extendable dining tables by Gordon Guillaumier, the Stac modular system of cabinets by Giacomo Moor and the L45 table range designed by Giacomo Poletti. These pieces of furniture have a strong personality and are characterized by fine materials and finishes.

Fourmore table, designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Desalto

Art and design meet at The Collector’s House, Gordon Guillaumier’s installation for Desalto

The Collector’s House, the exhibition layout designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Desalto corporate showroom represents the perfect marriage between art and design. In this project, two different worlds and disciplines harmoniously coexist. The works of art on display have been selected by Chiara Rusconi, founder of A Palazzo Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Brescia. Among these works are paintings by Nathalie Du Pasquier, Paolo Gonzato and Servane Mary; pictorial paper tapestries by Ann Iren Buan, ceramics by Bonomo Faita, and digital images by Brendan Fowler and Gioele Amaro.

The Collector’s House by Gordon Guillaumier: where art and design meet

These works of art, made in different historical periods, harmonize with the numerous pieces from the rich and articulated Desalto collection, dialoguing and enhancing each other. The Collector’s House invites us to understand the subtle link between art and design. A natural connection that results in a rich and original aesthetic dialogue. With this installation, Desalto shows the visitors that its products are not only functional but also beautiful, just like works of art.

Desalto corporate showroom

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