Prefabricated homes by A-FOLD Houses

A-FOLD Houses prefabricated homes offer eco-friendly and custom solutions that are affordable to all


A-FOLD Houses is an Italian company specialized in the design of eco-friendly prefabricated homes. These innovative housing solutions provide a comfortable and high-quality living space in a short time and easily. Durable and quakeproof, A-FOLD Houses are highly functional and versatile, available for different uses. As a matter of fact, they are suitable both as permanent residences and vacation homes, and are perfect emergency homes in case of natural disasters.

A-FOLD Houses prefabricated homes are eco-friendly and affordable

The prefabricated homes by A-FOLD Houses are made of natural materials with traditional construction methods. The standard production process and dry assembly structure make it possible to save time and money while protecting the environment. These houses are an example of green building: all models, starting from the standard one, besides being built with natural materials, guarantee high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.


A-FOLD Houses makes custom homes

A-FOLD Houses are prefabricated eco-friendly houses that are safe and cozy, and can easily adapt to any environment: from large cities to rural areas, from mountain areas to the sea. Each house can be customized in line with one’s economic availability and furnishing style. It is possible to choose from a wide range of models, materials and finishes.


Smart design

A-FOLD Houses designs and builds its houses in Italy, with innovative production processes and state-of-the-art machines. All its solutions are eco-friendly and characterized by high-quality manufacturing. Moreover, they are tailored to the tastes and needs of every single client.

Other prefabricated homes by A-Fold Houses

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