Interiors by Masquespacio at La Sastrería in Valencia

Masquespacio designs La Sastrería bar and restaurant in Valencia, where design and local tradition meet

One of the latest projects carried out by Masquespacio is La Sastrería, a bar and restaurant in Valencia, in the maritime district of Canyamelar-Cabanyal. The Spanish practice was tasked with the interior design project. The bar, with its colorful mosaics characterized by different patterns, evokes local traditions and architecture, while the different shades of blue and light blue of the restaurant recall the sea and its nuances. La Sastrería is the right place to enjoy cocktails and traditional local dishes, reinterpreted from a contemporary perspective. The owners, Sergio Giraldo and Cristobal Bouchet, work there as chef and barman respectively.

La Sastrería bar is located in the Canyamelar-Cabanyal district in Valencia

Mosaics, a typical element of traditional architecture in Valencia, cover walls and surfaces at La Sastrería

The bar is characterized by a mosaic of tiles made to measure by Masquespacio, which cover the different surfaces of the place. Their colors and patterns are very similar to those of the mosaics on the façades of the buildings of Valencia’s district of Canyamelar-Cabanyal. La Sastrería recalls the city’s traditional architecture and recreates the same atmosphere of relaxation and fun typical of this neighborhood. As a matter of fact, in Canyemelar-Cabanyal, neighbors take to the streets during the hottest hours of the day to tomar la fresca, which means “get some fresh air”. Sitting by the side of the road, each in their own chair, they chat and pass time.

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La Sastrería restaurant is characterized by shapes and shades recalling the waves and colors of the sea

A restaurant in the sea

La Sastrería restaurant offers a rich and elaborate fish-based menu. In this area, floors consist of handmade white and blue clay and ceramic tiles. Their colors are reminiscent of the sand and water of sea: two natural elements that coexist in harmony, just like their colors. With their circular shape and wooden structure, the seats evoke the wood of fishing boats. The walls are surrounded by a long curvilinear sculpture, painted water green on one side and blue on the other. This sinuous shape resembles that of a wave surrounding the walls of the room and reaching the kitchen. Also the cushions on the chairs are in the same colors as the sculpture. Masquespacio’s idea was to recreate a marine environment: a restaurant floating in the waves of the sea.

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Other pictures of La Sastrería bar and restaurant in Valencia

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