Caimi inaugurates Open Lab, at the service of research

The new project by Caimi, OPEN LAB, will allow the company to develop new technical solutions to apply to design and production

Constantly in search of innovative products, Caimi has developed Open Lab, a project including seven laboratories dedicated to research in the fields of technology, acoustics, new materials and advanced prototyping.

Open Lab is located in Caimi’s headquarters, and is equipped with cutting-edge tools and equipment, largely designed and created by the company itself. The sound chambers in the laboratories weigh 270 tons and float on multiple layers of special sand with different densities.

The laboratories of Open Lab

Supernova Lab is a testing chamber completely insulated that provides a space to investigate human perceptions in a controlled environment free from any external sound and electromagnetic interference. It has a triple layer structure consisting of a coating made of a special concrete, an intermediate Faraday cage to provide electromagnetic shielding, and a semi-anechoic inner layer consisting of 1,301 sound-absorbing wedges. This composition absorbs 99.9% of sound. Moreover, the chamber’s shielding meets the Tempest standard for electromagnetic transmission blocking.

Caimi Supernova Lab

Rev Lab is a reverberation chamber used to measure and research soundproofing materials, able to perform 24 acoustic measurements simultaneously. Its tilted walls are able to produce the same reverberation effect as a grand cathedral.

Caimi Rev Lab, reverberation chamber

In the Micromax Lab, the microstructures of materials are studied using high-precision microscopes, Kundt’s tubes and specific equipment to perform size, visual, acoustic and structural analyses and testing. Habitat Lab is the laboratory where sound is analyzed in the real world, using real-time modifiable acoustics. Hub Lab is the control room that enables real-time management of data from the other laboratories.

Caimi Habitat Lab

Caimi for design

Design Lab is the laboratory where applied research can take on concrete form in models and prototypes, also using 3D technologies. Finally, Ipogeo Lab is a protected underground laboratory where materials undergo stress testing to ensure their durability. Caimi has also created a non-profit entity to make Open Lab structures freely available to universities, research centers, foundations and other bodies interested in carrying out studies and researches.

Caimi Rev Lab

Moreover, the Open Lab project includes the organization of training courses, lectures and special training camps, both in Italy and abroad, for architects, schools and universities, also in conjunction with professional associations of architects, engineers and surveyors. There will also be seminars on acoustics and workshops dedicated to sound, material and space design.

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