National Gallery of Victoria Triennial in Melbourne

100 artists for the planet, an art and design exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria Triennial in Melbourne

Interactive sculpture Quantum Memories, by Refik Anadol, uses artificial intelligence to reproduce man’s memories of nature

From December 19th, 2020 to April 18th, 2021, the National Gallery of Victoria (NVG) Triennial in Melbourne will present an international exhibition of contemporary art, design and architecture, featuring 86 projects by 100 artists, designers and collectives from different parts of the world.

Art and design interpret pressing global issues

With their works, the artists deal with global issues in line with their personal interests. The exhibition, divided into four themed areas – illumination, reflection, conservation, speculation – invites visitors to embark on a different sensorial journey of exploration for each theme.

Discover the Australian Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2018

Left, sculpture of Venus by Jeff Koons. Right, a work in acrylic blue paint by Dhambit Mununggurr, the first Yolngu (aboriginal Australian people) artist taking part in such an important event

The future of the Earth and human beings is precarious

We are going through a historical period in which problems of social, economic and environmental origin are the order of the day. Therefore, now that nothing is certain, art and design help us give voice to our thoughts and concerns. Thoughts and concerns that, after all, are common to us all.

Painting, sculpture, design, architecture, fashion, photography. At the National Gallery of Victoria Triennial exhibition 2020 in Melbourne, each artist expresses their vision of the world in different creative ways. The works also invite us to reflect on the future, on the possible evolution of man, how we could be and how we would like to be.

The installation by Kengo Kuma and Geoffrey Nees will be constructed from timber harvested from trees that died during the Millennium Drought, the long drought that hit Australia between the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. On the wall, Dialogue, the painting by South Korean artist Lee Ufan, made in 2017

Tony Ellywood, Director of the National Gallery of Victoria, said: “Artists, designers and architects of the twenty-first century perform a vital role in giving form to our collective imagination, fears and aspirations. We are all living in a world in flux: there has never been a more important moment to celebrate human capability than now.”

The artists at the National Gallery of Victoria Triennial exhibition 2020

Among the internationally renowned artists exhibiting their work at NGV Triennial 2020  are Faye Toogood, Liam Young, JR, Kengo Kuma, Patricia Urquiola and Adam Nathaniel Furman, Aïda Muluneh, Alicja Kwade, Cerith Wyn Evans, Dhambit Mununggurr, Fred Wilson, Hannah Brontë, Jeff Koons, Misaki Kawai, Porky Hefer, Refik Anadol. Many of the works on display have been realized for this occasion.

The 14-meter-wide octopus by South African artist Porky Hefer is made of giant hand-felted cigarette butts. Porky Hefer’s mutant sea creatures draw attention to ocean pollution, a phenomenon that, according to Hefer, could interfere with animals’ evolution

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