Kronos by Arredo3: the contemporary kitchen

Over 20 kitchen models available in over 600 finishes: Arredo3 has the perfect kitchen for any need

Thanks to its range including over 20 kitchen models available in over 600 finishes, Arredo3 can satisfy any furnishing style and design need. Among the contemporary kitchens, Kronos stands out for its cutting-edge technology and fine materials. Its design is characterized by doors equipped with a thin aluminum frame and handle integrated in the panel.

The titanium-painted aluminum frame is equipped with upper integrated grip handle for a rigorous geometry.

For the doors, you can choose from among many materials, both traditional – such as wood or glass – and hi-tech – such as laminate, HPL, Fenix-NTM, Laminam – in many finishes, for customized doors. The Kronos kitchen is available in different compositions to match different environments. Moreover, the interiors can be fitted with drawers and deep pull-out drawers, as well as several accessories for the drawers.

A detail of a wall-mounted working area. The top, whose thickness changes in correspondence with the washing area, is in Laminam Statuarietto, like the backsplash. Here, it is combined with matt white Pet base units and wall units in ebony oak laminate.

White for big kitchens

In a large space, the columns with glass doors define a wide and organized kitchen. The two working areas are in matt white Pet, while the snack counter, the wall units and the columns are in ebony oak.

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For kitchens with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a gulf composition with full-height columns in safari oak veneer on one side, base and wall units in the middle, and a working peninsula with snack counter on the opposite side.


Scratch-proof and almost eternal materials with the contemporary linear wall kitchen Kronos by Arredo3. Bases and wall units are in London grey Fenix, completed by open elements and columns in parchment oak veneer.

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Perfect for an open-space living area, the kitchen island equipped with Italian walnut snack counter. The snack counter is thicker than the Laminam top with grey Savoy stone finish, for those who like contemporary environments.

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