Downtown Design at Dubai Design Week 2020

The online edition of Downtown Design is about to start, with a schedule including a trade show, an exhibition and a series of talks during Dubai Design Week 2020

Downtown Design, one of the most successful events of the Dubai Design Week, will be back from 9 to 14 November 2020. This year, due to the pandemic, exhibitions, talks and shows will be presented in digital format on

Among the exhibitors at Downtown Design, Belgian company Manutti

Downtown Design 2020: shows and exhibitions are just a click away

Downtown Design 2020, the event that during the Dubai Design Week promotes design in the Middle East and helps local and international companies and professionals stand out on a national level, will be mainly digital. Just a small part of the event will be held on-site, in the Design Quarter of the Dubai Design District.

The website of the digital fair Downtown Design 2020

This year, professionals and design enthusiasts will have the opportunity to discover new products and trends in a virtual trade show. Each exhibitor will have a web page created specifically for the occasion, where it will be possible to present to the public their company profile and design philosophy. In the lower part of the homepage, a photo gallery will display all the brand’s collections and the latest products. By clicking the logos at the top right-hand corner, users will be able to connect to the company’s social pages. The contact information placed in the sidebar will allow visitors to directly connect with the company.

Ferreira S.A., Portuguese company specialized in handmade carpets, takes part in the exhibition “The Best of Portugal”

“The Shape of Things To Come” exhibition: the future of design after the pandemic

Downtown Design’s visitors will be able to visit remotely also the exhibition “The Shape of Things to Come”, a digital show analyzing the evolution of design in the Middle East, before and after the pandemic.

Covid-19 is changing the way people interact, which also results in new spatial relations. During the exhibition, designers and architects will present their projects for private homes and public structures for post-pandemic spaces. For example, Sibyl Design, firm based in Saudi Arabia, has designed new models of efficient and safe pedestrian networks, while Lebanese architect Rabih Geha will present a futuristic nightclub.

Images d’Orient, showroom in Beirut, designed by Rabih Geha

The Forum: virtual talks with renowned design professionals

The rich program of Downtown Design, during Dubai Design Week 2020, will be completed by The Forum, with a series of talks and workshops held by renowned design and architecture professionals such as Aline Asmar A’Amman, Jonathan Ashmore, Asif Khan. Professionals and design enthusiasts will discuss the new design value system born in response to the difficulties and changes imposed by the pandemic.

Around the tree, Portuguese company specialized in chairs, takes part in the exhibition “The Best of Portugal”

What happens today will affect our tomorrow

Every day, during the whole Dubai Design Week, designers, architects and experts will virtually meet to discuss the new design models produced by the pandemic which, almost certainly, will revolutionize tomorrow’s design industry. Illustrious people such as Agata Kurzela, Jonathan Ashmore, Riyad Jouka, David G. Daniels and Kourosh Salehi will talk about design in the Middle East, presenting new human-centered design perspectives. They will be joined by international architects Asif Khan, Nuru Karim and Paul Courtnet, to talk about design as a possible solution to the many organizational, structural and social problems that have come to light worldwide while tackling the pandemic.

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