Bardem, a speakeasy in the heart of Helsinki

Bardem, the modern-day speakeasy bar designed by Fyra, in central Helsinki


Interior design studio Fyra designed Bardem, a cocktail bar in central Helsinki, whose intimate and cozy atmosphere is reminiscent of the American speakeasy bars of the early 20th century.

Speakeasies: disguised bars during the American prohibition era

The term “speakeasy bar” was coined in the early 20th century, during Prohibition era, when a law prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol in the United States of America. Speakeasies were secret bars concealed in the backrooms of the weirdest stores, such as butcher’s stores, haberdasheries, groceries. They were accessed through a secret passage and a password, then you could drink and listen to music.


At the Bardem cocktail bar in Helsinki, soft lights and intimate atmosphere bring back to life old speakeasy bars

Bardem, in the heart of Helsinki, is the ideal place to relax after a long day at work or to hang out with friends until late at night. The stylistic choice of furniture and finishes, and, in particular, the use of soft lights and dark shades to cover walls, shelves and seats contribute to giving this place an intimate and cozy atmosphere, reminiscent of a speakeasy.

In the center there is the bar counter, covered with honey-colored wooden panels. Behind the counter, next to the spirits and liqueurs, there is a beautiful wall decoration. The walls of the bar are covered by a dark blue velvet curtain in two different lengths, which gives the bar a theater-like charm.

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Agrob Buchtal tiles cover the walls of the bar

Agrob Buchtal ceramic tiles from the Craft collection in the mid-grey, olive-green and benit-blue color variants cover the walls. These tiles are produced by long-term firing in a tunnel kiln, a production system that makes the color of the tiles intense and bright.

The tiles are arranged according to a color gradient. Specifically, the shades of blue on the upper side of the walls are close to the color of the ceiling, while the shades of green on the lower side are close to the color of the floor. The wavy tiles at the center of the walls give the structure a three-dimensional effect. The upholstery of the sofas, the wall lamps and the folds of the curtain follow the same vertical pattern as the tiles, creating a visual play of continuity and harmony.

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