The Student Hotel opens in Bologna

This is a golden period for the city of Bologna: The Student Hotel, an urban regeneration project, opens next to the new Marconi Express

In October 2020, The Student Hotel Bologna opened its doors as the second facility in Italy after Firenze Lavagnini and the sixteenth of the group. This 425-million-euro investment confirms that Italy is a destination able to attract international investment. The Student Hotel is a hybrid hospitality concept. On the one hand, it offers rooms for off-campus students, equipped with everything they need and a community spirit. On the other hand, it also has rooms and suites for tourists and other travelers looking for an informal and welcoming environment.

Discover also The Student Hotel Firenze Lavagnini

TSH Bologna is located at via Fioravanti 27, in the Bolognina neighborhood, which is undergoing deep transformation and is close to the historic center. In recent years, important redevelopment projects have been carried out in this area. From the new high-speed railway station to the new city hall, followed by the Trilogia Navile project, to be built on the area of the former fruit and vegetable market. Thanks to the high-speed station, Bolognina becomes a candidate for a new hospitality pole in Bologna.

Discover the new Marconi Express, the monorail connecting Bologna airport to the central railway station


A project that respects the Italian tradition

The new facility of The Student Hotel in Italy is housed in a 1980s building, which at first was used as Telecom headquarters, then it was abandoned, occupied, and finally evacuated by the city administration. Matteo Fantoni Studio’s architectural project preserves the layout of the building, with a large central courtyard. Outdoor spaces are a fundamental part of the project as areas for meeting and socializing. There, you can find a swimming pool, a restaurant area, and outdoor areas where you can work or study. Francesco Conserva, Open Project’s partner, responsible for works management, commented: “TSH offered us the opportunity to transform a disused building into a flywheel for the regeneration of an important area of Bologna.”


The interior architecture, curated by Rizoma Architetture as usual, is in line with all the other venues hosting The Student Hotel. All superfluous elements have been eliminated, obtaining only the original structure, large spaces, exposed beams and concrete. Spaces are extremely flexible and adaptable to different functions such as bar, restaurant, auditorium, gym, work and study areas, and, for night-time activities, also parties and DJ sets.

De Luxe Studio Kitchenette, a room for tourists and travelers

Sustainable furniture and finishes for The Student Hotel Bologna

The furniture and finishes of the hotel are sustainable and recyclable. For example, TSH Collabs and restaurants feature shelves and other elements where wood and metal can be separated and recycled at the end of their life. Materials include OSB, recycled PET felt, and CELENIT, made from wood, Portland cement, marble dust and water, which make it a perfect natural and sustainable acoustic insulation. Coming to furniture, most of the seats and armchairs are vintage pieces that have been revamped.

Single room for students

Other pictures of The Student Hotel Bologna

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