Chesterfield Sofa by Vama Divani

Sometimes they come back: the timeless Chesterfield sofas

Furniture, like fashion, experiences a continuous succession of trends: colors, shapes and materials combine and then return to their initial positions. And, like any trend worthy of its name, when it comes back, it reaffirms its position and may not abandon us anymore, like some loves.

Sofas, furnishing elements characterized by a high aesthetic impact, undergo the same change. So why not talk about a sofa that has written the history of soft furniture? Let’s talk about the Chesterfield sofa!


The Chesterfield sofa by Vama Divani

The Chesterfield sofa has a long history and is famous for furnishing the most elegant living rooms and the most prestigious offices with its rigorous charm. But do not let this overwhelm you!

It reveals its soft heart during the production process, when, spring after spring, with layers of padding and straps, it is wrapped in leather and buttoned to become the comfortable embrace of home. Because the sofa is like a coat: it makes the house and its guests warmer.

Therefore, Vama Divani, artisanal manufacturer of upholstered furniture, has decided to show the heart of the sofa, highlighting all the details in terms of materials, components and finishes.


The company has decided to promote its products on its YouTube channel with a series of short videos that tell the story of every single sofa to let us know what we are choosing when we opt for a Chesterfield sofa for our home, which has been brought back in fashion by recent retro trends.

How is a Chesterfield sofa made? Watch the video


Vama Divani wants to enhance what is behind a sofa, including the production process that underlines the meaning of handmade and made in Italy even in the eyes of less knowledgeable customers.

Choosing the sofa is often complicated: it is always necessary to personally see it, touch its upholstery, check the comfort of the padding. Vama Divani helps you choose with greater awareness, which will help you choose a long-lasting sofa.

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