Ernst Knam: marble is solidity

For Master Pastry Chef Ernst Knam, marble is the ideal material for pastry-making

Authentic Natural Stone is a living material that is highly appreciated for its thousand possible applications. From architecture to interior design, up to the kitchen, the many variants of stone offer a thousand different interpretations. Marble, granite, travertine and other stones are living materials, which offer multiple possibilities of use and change their appearance depending on the use.

Ernst Knam, Master Pastry Chef, explains the importance of marble in pastry-making. “Marble is solidity – he explains – and it is a widely used material in pastry-making. Raw materials are fundamental components both for cooking in general and pastry-making: we cannot make haute cuisine or haute patisserie if the ingredients are not of premium quality. In the same way, a marble surface is perfect for pastry-making. Marble is ideal for different activities: to temper chocolate, for example, we need a cold surface, like marble, because chocolate needs to be heated and cooled on a uniform surface.”

“Also cocoa butter can be worked well on a marble surface. It works like this: spread cocoa butter on marble and then cover it with a thinner slab of marble, which makes it perfectly flat. Even chocolate curls made on a marble slab are perfect, and vacuum-sealed fruit cools quickly and perfectly.”


“Last but not least, marble has no pores and has a uniform surface that can be cleaned in an extremely easy way, ensuring perfect hygiene.”

Read the article and watch the video Pasquale Junior Natuzzi: marble is strength


Besides providing the ideal surface for pastry-making, marble is a perfect material for…eyeglasses. Ernst Knam explains that even his glasses are made of marble, a material that is far lighter than you can think and offers also another advantage: it keeps the skin under the temples always cool. And, doing a job that often has to do with very high temperatures, this is not a small detail.

Read the article and watch the video Pasquale Junior Natuzzi: marble is strength

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