Steve Leung and the Ying door for Lualdi

The new Lualdi door for 2020 is Ying, a project by Steve Leung Design

Chinese ideogram is pronounced “Yíng” and means “welcome”. Steve Leung has chosen this name for his door collection designed for Lualdi, as a tribute to the culture of hospitality for which Italians are famous worldwide. The Yíng door combines Italian artisanal tradition with a Chinese-inspired aesthetic, revealed by the attention to construction details and colors.


Steve Leung drew inspiration from the symbolism of door colors typical of ancient China. According to the Chinese tradition, the color of the entrance symbolized the social status of the family. In order to meet different interior design needs, Ying doors by Lualdi are available in red, the color of happiness and good fortune. But also in bright yellow, a symbol of imperial virtue, and black, for a more understated appeal.

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The upper part of the door is available in different colors and finishes to adapt to different interior design projects. In addition to different colors, there are many finishes: lacquered, leather, various wood types. The lower part of the door is inspired by an ancient Chinese woodworking technique known as sǔn mǎo (榫 卯). Characterized by a geometrically sculpted surface, the base of the door is always in mocha oak. The two sidepieces have a Canaletto walnut finish for the wood or lacquered doors and a bronze-colored metallic finish for leather models.

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Some details of the Ying door by Lualdi

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