Meland Club, the new amusement park by X-Living in Shenzhen

The new amusement park designed by X-Living in Shenzhen is inspired by a garden that changes with the seasons


Shanghai-based architecture firm X-Living has designed a new amusement park in the Uniwalk shopping mall in Shenzhen. The project, called Meland Club, through an extravagant interior design reproduces the nature of an imaginary garden that changes with the seasons.

X-Living designs a new amusement park in Shenzhen

Meland Club, the new amusement park designed by X-Living, occupies the second and third floors of the Shenzhen’s Uniwalk shopping mall and covers 6,000 sqm. The logic underlying the spaces of this project is quite distant from the traditional design principles of classic amusement parks. As a matter of fact, Meland Club is developed on three platforms at different heights, which amplify sensory experiences, increasing children’s curiosity.


Meland Club amusement park features 3D reproductions of natural elements

The park is divided into four thematic areas, each associated with a season. Each area houses a garden set in a dreamlike play reality, characterized by figures and natural elements typical of the four seasons.

The main entrance to the park is located on the third floor of the shopping mall, in the “spring” area. Here are the reception desk and the area where kids and parents leave their shoes, decorated with natural elements recalling spring, such as flowers, plants, bees, ladybugs. At the entrance, where the ceiling is nearly 10m high, you will find interactive signage showing what attractions are in the park and where they are.


Each floor of Meland Club hosts different kinds of attractions

This amusement park offers very many different types of attractions. On the third floor are static and creative games, with the disguise room and the room for manual creativity works. The second floor, on the other hand, hosts more dynamic games such as the rotating slide, the climbing rope, the maze and the ball pool, set inside a circus.

X-Living’s practical and functional design

Perspective within Meland Club is always evolving. Moreover, many details representing nature take on practical and functional meanings, such as the plants and shrubs that, when necessary, become closets and shelves, while flowers turn into comfortable seats.


Meland Club dedicates a space to video games

Meland Club, the amusement park by X-Living, houses the Cyberpunk Palace, a space dedicated to the world of video games. This area is characterized by neon lights of different shapes and colors, many of which shape the faces of the most famous characters of video games, and some works by famous painters, reinterpreted in an original way to decorate the spaces of the Palace.

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Below, other pictures of Meland Club

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