The new edition of Pop up my Bathroom at ISH Digital 2021

Pop up my Bathroom, the information and exhibition platform of ISH dedicated to the bathroom, returns in 2021 with a new digital edition


ISH, the world’s leading trade fair dedicated to the bathroom, energy saving technologies, air conditioning, building automation and renewable energies. will be back from 22 to 26 March 2021 with a new edition. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s edition will be exclusively digital. To register and participate in ISH Digital 2021 click here.

The new edition of Pop up my Bathroom unveils the trends of future bathrooms at ISH Digital 2021

Pop up my Bathroom is an information and exhibition platform for industry professionals that ISH dedicates to bathroom furnishings every year. Organized by Messe Frankfurt, in cooperation with the German Bathroom Sector Association (VDS), the 2021 edition of Pop up my Bathroom, titled Inside | Outside, unveils the future trends for the bathroom environment.

Royal Midas, the new lamp integrated in the showerhead by Keuco

Smart Bathroom: the bathroom of the future is technological

In the future, the use of constantly updated innovations will optimize the functionality and the way bathrooms are used. Among the innovative systems that make up a Smart Bathroom today are smart controls for water applications, app-controlled shower toilets, UV-based hygiene functions, an intelligent lighting control system and touchless technologies.

Green Bathroom: the bathroom of the future is eco-friendly

The bathrooms of the future will be increasingly green. Nowadays, designers are very concerned about sustainability, a highly topical issue that will be increasingly present in bathroom design. Therefore, the bathroom of the future will be equipped with water and energy saving systems, and sustainable long-life products with low environmental impact.

Living Bathroom: the bathroom of the future is comfortable

Finally, the bathrooms of the future are destined to become authentic Living Bathrooms: living rooms for the care of one’s body and mind, characterized by large and comfortable spaces, where the furniture can be customized in line to different tastes and needs.

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Integrating technology into bathroom furniture systems makes it possible to control water consumption

The trend of bathroom renovation

According to a survey conducted on behalf of the German Bathroom Sector Association (VDS), bathroom renovations will be among the most required kinds of refurbishment in the near future in Germany. According to the findings, 16.7 million Germans are planning to invest in their bathrooms next year, and 6.2 million are even planning a complete overhaul. Given this background, ISH Digital 2021 will be a source of inspiration for designers and a showcase for furniture, where retractable systems are increasingly popular.

Living Bathroom: private parlors dedicated to wellness

New installation systems for renovations

Bathroom companies are working to create products that make bathroom renovations faster and easier thanks to new installation systems. Wall-mounted installations, for example, greatly simplify the installation of water-conducting elements. Today’s manufacturers’ offering includes elements for wall-mounted toilets and shower toilets with integrated odor extraction system; wall-mounted elements for wall-mounted faucets and showers with wall drain. And additional systems for washbasins and bidets as well.

Discover the new edge of wellness with the shower toilet from Geberit AquaClean series

ISH Digital 2021 will preview the bathrooms of the future. It will present new furniture solutions equipped with simple and fast installation systems that will simplify renovation and assembly. The bathroom of the future will be primarily a lifestyle and wellness project, requiring the collaboration and labor of several craftsmen. And the claim of the new Pop up my Bathroom communication campaign is “No trades, no private spa”.

ISH Frankfurt 2020

Pop up my Bathroom 2021: the coolest bathroom exhibition on the web

Pop up my Bathroom is addressed to industry experts, companies and craftsmen, offering them a broad view of the bathroom culture of the coming years. Visitors can follow the new edition on the website Pop up my or on the fair’s Instagram profile.

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