Soliscape, the new lighting system by UNStudio for Delta Light

UNStudio designs Soliscape, a lighting system for workspaces and public spaces also able to reduce noise, for Delta Light

Soliscape, a word that sums up “sound and light-scape”, is a system that manages lighting and noise pollution. At the core of this system is a self-learning mechanism based on a network of sensors. These sensors acquire and analyze behavioral and environmental data in real time, what kind of activity takes place in the room and some environmental parameters such as the amount of natural light. Once the data is collected, an application analyzes it and adjusts both light sources and background noise reduction.

Discover Delta Light showroom in the Tortona district, Milan


The system uses LED components with patented Melanopic Light Technology®. Delta Light’s unique technology allows for the constant diffusion of natural white light while controlling the emission of blue frequencies, thus enhancing the production of melatonin according to the circadian rhythm. Respecting the circadian rhythm reduces the sense of fatigue caused by artificial lighting, increasing the well-being of people who have to work in the same environment for hours.


Soliscape lighting system by Delta Light and UNStudio is a sustainable project

Coming to sound pollution, Soliscape is able to reduce noise in rooms thanks to its next-generation sound-absorbing panels. These panels are made with 60% recycled PET bottles, have a circular shape and are available in different colors. The system also relies on sinuous lighting tracks that can be adapted to various architectural and interior design requirements.

Detail of the Soliscape lighting system

Soliscape is customizable and suitable for both working environments and public spaces, such as hotels, hospitality facilities and stores. Therefore, light and noise become elements of daily well-being, adjustable to environmental conditions: the perfect synthesis of technology and well-being for space management. Soliscape enters the Italian market as an integrated lighting system, humanizing spaces in the name of well-being.

Soliscape has been presented at Delta Light Studio, the Milanese showroom located at via Bugatti 15, since February 20

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