The new Vertica set-up in Duka showroom

Dukaversum, the exhibition hall designed by Bea Mitterhofer and Luis Rabensteiner, president of Duka, in the new company headquarters, renovates the Vertica area


The innovative experiential showroom Dukaversum ‘stages’ the four sections of the Duka catalogue: Quadra, Vertica, Aura, Arreda. An exhibition offering a complete panorama of Duka’s collection, which includes shower cabins and enclosures characterized by technological solutions and rigorous design.

Discover gallery 3000 shower enclosures by Duka


These four environments illustrate Duka’s expertise through different interpretations of the products and their variants.

Just as living trends change and evolve, Duka wanted to reinterpret the Vertica area, which features shower enclosures characterized by the presence of only vertical profiles.


Pura R 5000, Princess 4000, Multi-S 4000 and Gallery 3000 are some of the shower enclosures of the Vertica area, offering modern and intelligent solutions that arise from the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

Discover gallery 3000 shower enclosures by Duka

With its unmistakable metropolitan charm, the new set-up emphasizes the ability of Vertica shower enclosures to adapt to contemporary bathrooms, whatever their style. The vertical aluminum profiles give an upward dynamism to shower enclosures, thanks to their elegant and stable look.

Thanks to the Dukaversum project, Duka received a special mention as ‘Brand experience of the year’ in the German Brand Award 2019, the prestigious award where Duka also won in the ‘Architecture & Buildings’ category, thanks to the technological and production efficiency of the new headquarters.

Watch the video and dive into the Dukaversum

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