Recycled sound-absorbing fabric

Kvadrat produces sound-absorbing felt from recycled fabrics deriving from used clothes or production waste

Although the attention to the environment is growing, currently only 25% of the 95% of textiles that can be recycled actually are. Very often, unfortunately, we simply dispose of them, without recovering even the parts that could be reused. Really, a Danish company belonging to the Kvadrat group, offers various collections of textile materials obtained by upcycling clothing fabrics and Kvadrat’s waste.


Acoustic Textile Felt FR is an innovative felt, perfect for wall and ceiling installation. Made from 70% Trevira CS polyester post-production waste and an innovative binder, Acoustic Textile Felt FR offers the fire-retardant properties of Trevira CS and features a natural bi-component fiber, making it possible to recycle it again at the end of its life cycle.


Acoustic Textile Felt FR shows its origins from post-production fibers as its outlook highlights the many recycled fabrics used in its creation process. Its structured surface underlines the rich scale of fabric fibers and different color hues.

Discover Musselblomma, Ikea fabric obtained from sea waste


This material is available in two colors: the light-colored Polyester Sand and a darker variant, Polyester Ash, to meet different interior design needs.

Discover Musselblomma, Ikea fabric obtained from sea waste

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