Design from Valencia at Madrid Design Festival 2021

Valencia is on show at Madrid Design Festival 2021 with the exhibition “Valencia Pavilion. The future is Design”


On the occasion of Madrid Design Festival running until March 14, 2021, MUT Design presents a digital exhibition titled “Valencia Pavilion. The future is Design”. The exhibition, curated by Estudio Savage, promotes the role of Valencian design in contemporary industry and craftsmanship, exploring the distinctive features of Mediterranean design of the future.

Discover the Mediterranean house according to MUT Design, at imm cologne 2020

The success of Valencian design on show at Madrid Design Festival 2021

 “Valencia Pavilion. The future is design” is held at Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa, a theater and cultural center in Madrid. The installation that houses it, handmade by artist Manolo Garcìa, consists of a series of 4m high circular wooden pavilions, clad with numerous wood strips.

“Valencia Pavilion. The future is design” presents the excellence of Valencian design, showing 50 projects by successful companies and designers. Professionals of great ingenuity who are revolutionizing society with their ideas.

The exhibition is divided into 5 areas exploring different issues: circular economy, contemporary industry and craftsmanship, art and design, technology, transformative economy. All the projects on show highlight the evolution and creativity of Valencian design in each of the 5 categories.

The protagonists of the exhibition “Valencia Pavilion. The future is design”

This exhibition is focused on products by companies such as Actiu, Andreu World, Capdell, Expormim, GAN Rugs, Lladró, LZF Lamps, Point, Porcelanosa, Punt, Vondom. Nationally and internationally renowned creative figures such as Masquespacio, Jaime Hayón, Inma Bermúdez, Nacho Carbonell, Juan Vidal, Anna Talens, Pepe Gimeno and Héctor Serrano. Urban artist ESCIF, visual artist Felipe Pantone, illustrator África Pitarch, Rocío Gallardo and Jorge Ros (who are responsible for jewelry firm Simuero), illustrator Diego Mir, artist Ovidi Benet, ceramist Ana Illueca.

Discover the interiors of La Sastrería in Valencia by Masquespacio

The exhibition goes on with biodegradable packaging by ADBioplastics and the companies Decafé, Xufa Proceso and Naifactory, which reuse coffee, chufa nuts from horchata and olive pits, respectively, to make new products. But there are also Closca and Jeanología, a company specializing in low-impact jeans. Free Design Bank sets out to boost the economy of developing communities thanks to the design of local products; Néctar Estudio, with its app, fights bullying in schools; textile firm Equipo DRT uses upcycled fabrics.

“Valencia Pavilion. The future is Design” presents the Azalea project by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, a research on totally sustainable manufacture. We will also see Jorge Herrera Studio’s work for Flos, graphene façades by Graphenglass, glasses for visually impaired people by Alegre Design, which convert space into vibrations with which to identify depth and locate nearby objects. And finally, the ceramics by Museum Surfaces and the sustainable garments that do not stain, crease or smell by fashion firm Sepiia.

“Valencia Pavilion. The future is Design”: the traveling exhibition by MUT Design

Moreover, “Valencia Pavilion. The future is Design” will be a traveling exhibition in the most important cities in the world, open to the inclusion of new innovative projects in the future.

Some projects and topics of the show are a preview of the great event that will take place in 2022. After Turin, Seoul, Helsinki, Cape Town, Taipei, Mexico City, Lille, Valencia has been chosen by World Design Organization (WDO) as World Design Capital 2022. This is an unmissable opportunity for the Spanish city to promote local and national design through a rich program of events and conferences.

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