iGuzzini illuminates the Australian Technology Park in Sydney

The Australian Technology Park in Sydney is revived as a hub for the technologies and businesses of the future

Established in 1995 as a space dedicated to hi-tech start-ups and university spin-offs to build synergies between these worlds, the Australian Technology Park is now owned by Australian group Mirvac and is home to several companies including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In 2015, major architectural redevelopment entrusted to CO AP Architects, Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, Sissons, Woods Bagot and Davenport Campbell began.

Australian Technology Park, Sydney, with lighting by iGuzzini

The project entailed the construction of three new commercial buildings and a redefinition of the paths, as well as the revitalization of public spaces. As a result, the buildings are surrounded by a public park, a tennis court, some stores and a wellness center. The regeneration intends to consolidate the role of the area as a smart and connected technological district, supporting the emergence of new business models and new technologies. Mirvac believes that the Australian Technology Park will enable the technology industry to thrive and grow, helping create new jobs.

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Australian Technology Park, Sydney, with lighting by iGuzzini

The lighting design project

The lighting design project is by Westudioau, which worked on the Interchange Pavilion, opposite the headquarters of the Commonwealth Bank, and IGS for the main paths. For these two areas, iGuzzini lighting products have been chosen. Artificial lighting was very important in the redevelopment project as one of the goals was to make the space an attractive place even at night.

Australian Technology Park, Sydney, with lighting by iGuzzini

In particular, the Interchange Pavilion features four light effects – The Switches, The Drama Spots, The Inner Shell, The Outer Shell – harmonizing with the overall lighting.

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A lighting design project in Sydney with iGuzzini products

Dark lines reminiscent of train tracks were used as the pavilion’s distinctive feature. On the ground, where they intersect like railroad switches, recessed Light Up Orbit fixtures are installed to create The Switches effect. A group of iPro spotlights, from the inner top of the pavilion, creates light circles on the floor for The Drama Spots lighting effect. The dark lines on the floor continue on the interior ribs of the pavilion, where iPro spotlights are located. Their wall washing effect emphasizes the curvature of the wood surfaces, creating The Inner Shell effect.

Australian Technology Park, Sydney, with lighting by iGuzzini

Playing with contrasts, the light on the exterior of the pavilion has a cooler color temperature; moreover, light intensity decreases towards the top. A series of Palco InOut floodlights, placed in the flowerbeds around the structure, intersect their light flows to achieve a uniform effect and create the fourth effect, The Outer Shell.

Lastly, MaxiWoody floodlights with a special black finish installed on black poles illuminate the main paths.

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Australian Technology Park, Sydney, with lighting by iGuzzini

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