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Artesia by Gaber wins two awards at Red Dot Award 2021

Gaber wins the Red Dot Award 2021 with Artesia, a chair with an innovative and very functional design


The jury of the Red Dot Award 2021, one of the most important design competitions in the world, has given the Artesia chair by Gaber two awards, Red Dot and Red Dot: Best of the Best 2021.

Artesia: all you need is the bare essentials

Designed by Forsix Industrial Design, Artesia is a practical and comfortable chair, particularly suitable for public spaces such as conference rooms, classes, offices or waiting areas. The minimalist and geometric design of Artesia makes this chair very versatile and functional. It is very easy to assemble and needs no screws. Moreover, these chairs are easy to stack, up to 20 on the floor and 50 on a trolley (with a maximum height of 2.1 m).


The extremely innovative and versatile design of Artesia offers many customization possibilities. Available in seven pastel colors, it can be made with or without armrest. It can be equipped with an anti-panic writing tablet that can be hooked and unhooked as necessary, linking mechanisms, a trolley with handle to make it easier to move. Lastly, for a more stable chair, it is even possible to add four self-braking wheels.

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