The evolution of office spaces with Framery One

The new Framery One soundproof office booth allows for isolation in shared workspaces


Framery is a Finnish company specializing in the production of soundproof booths for office spaces. Framery products respond to today’s working needs, fostering new digital work experiences and new ways of experiencing workspaces. As is the case with Framery One, the new soundproof office booth that makes it possible to make calls and participate in virtual video conferences in a shared space, but in absolute privacy.

The future of offices with Framery One

Framery One houses a high-resolution screen, which allows you to control the booking calendar, adjust airflow and light intensity.

To avoid inconveniences or delays in case of close bookings, Framery One guarantees operation only during the booked slot of each user. An on-screen message alerts the user when the booked slot is nearly up so that s/he can complete the task in progress and let the following person use the booth. If no other bookings are coming up, the pod will automatically extend the session of the person inside it, without interruption.

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Framery One houses a table and a chair with footrest, which are easy to adjust, a wireless charger, a socket and a USB port. Moreover, if you prefer, you can work standing by leaving the chair outside the pod and adjusting the table to your height.

Designed for today, built to improve tomorrow

Framery One offers high-quality services that will improve over time thanks to a software that automatically updates its performance.

Framery One is sustainable

The structure of the booth is made of steel, and 95% of the material used in your pod can be recycled. Moreover, to move it more easily wheels are also available.

Framer One is available in white, gray, black, powder blue, winter moss, sand and navy blue. The interior panels, carpet, seat and table can also be customized by choosing from a wide range of colors.

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Framery Connect for Framery One

Framery Connect is the program that makes Framery One highly performing. It automatically sends alerts for any maintenance needs, ensuring that clients’ issues are resolved quickly. If needed, customer service can be reached via email or phone. Framery Connect also provides managers with detailed information on the booth’s popularity in the office, providing employees’ average time and way of use.

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