Nature at Casa Jardín Escandón

In Mexico City, CPDA Arquitectos designed a residential complex surrounding a secret garden


Art Deco buildings, historic buildings and more contemporary structures characterize the streets of the redeveloped Escandón neighborhood in Mexico City. Among this mix of architectures with different styles, there is Casa Jardín Escandón by CPDA Arquitectos. This residential complex of 2,800 square meters consists of 14 units: 4 apartments on the ground floor and 10 three-story townhouses.


All the dwellings overlook an internal courtyard, whose pedestrian passage is surrounded by a dense vegetation of evergreen plants and shrubs. These local plants and bushes are resistant and require no maintenance. In addition to the ground floor, nature also takes over the balconies and windows, up to the terraced roofs of the houses.

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The secret world of Casa Jardín Escandón, a project by CPDA Arquitectos in Mexico City

Since at Casa Jardín Escandón it is nature that controls man’s spaces, and not vice versa, people can find the right connection not only with the built environment, but also with the natural one. The vertical garden, designed by Taller Entorno Paisaje, invites people to contemplate and enjoy the peace and silence that the building magically preserves inside and to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city.


Architecture and interplay of lines

The exterior and interior façades of the building are made of stone, a widely used material in the local architectural tradition. The interior façade features linear windows and balconies as well as gabled roofs that create an orderly visual interplay of simple, dynamic and fun shapes. Each home is characterized by large floor-to-ceiling windows ensuring natural ventilation and lighting. Moreover, the numerous glass openings allow for constant visual contact with nature. [Photo Jaime Navarro]

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