Demetrio Paparoni: marble takes shape

Demetrio Paparoni, art critic, talks about marble and its potential to be shaped differently

Authentic Natural Stone is a living material that is highly appreciated for its thousand possible applications. From architecture to interior design, up to the kitchen, the many variants of stone offer a thousand different interpretations. Marble, granite, travertine and other stones are living materials, which offer multiple possibilities of use and change their appearance depending on the use.

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Marble is a shapeless mass that takes shape,” explains Demetrio Paparoni. Since the twentieth century, the idea of art imitating nature has disappeared, but marble has kept giving life to amazing forms. Among the artists who deserve attention, also for their use of marble, I would certainly mention Maurizio Cattelan and Nicola Samorì.

Maurizio Cattelan is the author of a work that has been the subject of much talk. L.O.V.E. is a hand with three severed fingers, and a single middle finger, intact and raised. It’s a provocation, of course, but also a strong message: the hand is ready to challenge you, even with three severed fingers. The peculiarity of this work is that it is made of Carrara travertine, the same marble of the Milan Stock Exchange building, opposite the work.”

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L.O.V.E. by Maurizio Cattelan

Another interesting artist for his marble works is Nicola Samorì. Samorì creates his works from marble waste. His works are based precisely on choosing the most obvious flaws in a stone and building an image around them. If he finds a geode, for example, that geode becomes the inspiration and protagonist of the work.

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Work by Nicola Samorì, Lucia, on display at Palazzo Fava in Bologna for the “Sfregi” exhibition until July 25, 2021

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