Venice Design Biennial 2021

Venice Design Biennial 2021: Design As Self-Portrait

In other circumstances, the third edition of the Venice Design Biennial would have been the continuation of the previous editions. However, since we cannot ignore 2020, the 2021 edition of the Venice Design Biennial, held in person until June 27th, is a chance to discuss the role of design in defining reality.

Venice Design Biennial 2021 – SPARC – Ph: Federico Floriani

Venice Design Biennial 2021 presents 5 Main Exhibitions in monumental and iconic venues across the city. The theme of the 5 main exhibitions of the 2021 edition, curated by Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei, is Design as Self Portrait. Its goal is to investigate what design represents to us as individuals and how design represents us through objects, spaces, experiences.

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Venice Design Biennial 2021 – SPUMA – Ph: Federico Floriani

Therefore, identity becomes a design object. And to create one’s identity everyone can resort to what they choose to associate with their body and their experience: objects, clothes, physical locations, virtual spaces. We are all ‘curators’ of ourselves, self-designers expressing ourselves through consumer choices and the way we communicate these choices to others.

Design as Self-Portrait

The collective exhibition Design as Self-Portrait shows works by over 20 international designers in two exhibition venues: SPARC* – Spazio Arte Contemporanea, Campo Santo Stefano, and SPUMA – Space for the Arts, Giudecca island. In this context, Czech designer Tadeas Podracky, winner of the first edition of the Venice Design Biennial Residency in 2020, exhibits his new series of works, Fading Reflection, a series of mirrors resulting from the collaboration with the local artisans of Ongaro e Fuga Specchi Veneziani.

Venice Design Biennial 2021 – SPUMA- Ph: Federico Floriani

Past Forward. Designers from the land of Venice

The exhibition Past Forward. Designers from the land of Venice, curated by Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei, combines works by designers who currently live and work in Venice with ancient art masterpieces kept at Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Organized in collaboration with Direzione Regionale Musei Veneto – Ministero della Cultura, this exhibition juxtaposes contemporary vases with vases dating back to 2,000 years ago, polyurethane sculptures with classical statues, lamps in blown glass or harmonic steel with ancient busts and coins.

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Past Forward. Designers from the land of Venice, Museo Archeologico. Ph: Federico Floriani

Pretziada. A Self-Portrait in Design is the exhibition project curated by the Pretziada duo, housed in the ancient Oratorio dei Crociferi. The capsule collection consists of pieces created by international designers in collaboration with Sardinian workshops. The works by Palma il Giovane frame these new works characterized by simple forms and rich details.

Venice Design Biennial until June 27th, 2021  For further information: Venice Design

Pretziada’s exhibition at Oratorio dei Crociferi. Ph: Federico Floriani

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