Deesup, the marketplace for design furniture

The ideal partner for furniture stores and the platform to sell and buy second-hand design pieces

Deesup, the marketplace for buying and selling authentic ex-display or used design furniture, becomes a digital partner for stores. Deesup selects only iconic and authentic pieces, and promotes them to communities of design enthusiasts across Europe. A smart way to give a new life to what is no longer needed at home. Or a way to renew store windows at the end of the season.


Founded by Valentina Cerolini and Daniele Ema in 2017, Deesup currently boasts an international community of design enthusiasts including over 10,000 users and 500 sellers. The company manages the whole logistics process, including post-sale, to give a “second life” to products that are no longer needed.

The global market value of design furniture reached about 50 billion dollars in 2019, and Made in Italy holds a significant share of this market, with an export value estimated at over 10 billion euros. Moreover, with the health emergency, the home has regained centrality in people’s purchasing desires. As a result, purchases of furniture and home living products increased by 32% in 2020.

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Deesup sells only authentic designer furniture

In line with this trend, design marketplace Deesup had a consistent increase in transactions in 2020, doubling them during the period of the tight lockdown. Therefore, in the company’s future plans is the goal of partnering with furniture stores to help them revamp their distribution model. For stores with large sales areas, this is a further opportunity to enhance display design and free up warehouse space at once.

Currently, Deesup is running a capital raise on the Doorway platform. By registering on Doorway, you can take part to crowdfunding.

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