Bertazzoni wins two IF Awards

Bertazzoni adds two IF Awards 2021 to its rich portfolio

The F6011PROVTN oven, designed by Bertazzoni and MM Design, has a 76-liter capacity, a full touch TFT display and 11 functions for the best cooking results. In particular, the Total Steam function uses steam to cook food in a quick and healthy way, preserving its taste, nutrients and mineral salts. The Carbon finish, also used for cars, makes this oven by Bertazzoni a unique appliance that gives a unique character to the kitchen.


The new built-in wine cellars by Bertazzoni are made paying great attention to details, with high-quality materials such as stainless steel and glass. In particular, the new REF24WCPIXR built-in wine column can store up to 80 bottles of red and white wine, thanks to the 2 different storage areas. The digital touch-control interface allows you to select the ideal temperature, from 4°C to 18°C, and control the humidity level. A triple glazed UV-protected door shields wines from the light, while the vibration-damping system of the compressor allows wine to sit undisturbed.

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