The new collection of customizable beds by Caccaro

Caccaro presents a new bed collection with customizable headboard


Caccaro presents a new line of customizable beds with headboard separated from the frame. The separation of these two components allows for endless customization options, meeting any aesthetic and functional need. The numerous combinations of fabrics, shapes, sizes, elements and accessories available make it possible to create compositions that are always new and different from one another, extremely practical and functional, resulting from each customer’s design freedom and creativity.

Designing the sleeping area with customizable beds by Caccaro

The sleeping area takes a strong personality with the Bishape, Let’space and Groove beds. Each model, in line with the customization project required by the customer, becomes a unique furnishing solution, enriched with innovative systems that turn the bedroom into a space of the house full of stimuli and suggestions to be discovered.


The new Caccaro beds perfectly integrate with the company’s Wallover and Freedhome furnishing systems. To take advantage of the free consulting and design service online click here.

Discover Wallover furnishing system by Caccaro

Discover Freedhome by Caccaro: a structured system to furnish the walls of your home and keep everything perfectly tidy

The bed collection by Caccaro: endless composition possibilities

Bishape bed

The headboard and the frame of Bishape, designed by Monica Graffeo, have a life of their own. The headboard breaks down into two shapes to be combined as you wish: circle – circle, circle – rectangle, rectangle – rectangle. With Bishape, it is also possible to choose the upholstery for both the headboard and the frame.‎ Moreover, on the sides of the headboard, there is a lighting system that, thanks to an innovative mechanism recessed in the back, allows the two lamps to rotate 90°.‎ The fluid and silent movement of the lamp is triggered by a push and stops automatically when you stop pushing.‎ The two adjustable lampshades allow you to precisely direct the light for more comfortable nighttime readings.

Let’space bed

The headboard of Let’space can range across the wall from corner to corner (in a niche) or in a freer position. With the Let’space bed by Caccaro, the headboard becomes a boiserie offering in all its length a 13-cm-deep compartment for photographs, books and other objects.‎ On the back of the headboard it is also possible to install a luminous panel diffusing the perfect light for the night environment.‎ Moreover, an adjustable lacquered table can be applied to the sides to offer an additional support surface.‎

Groove bed

Groove completely destructures the bed. The headboard disappears and leaves room to an aluminum multifunction bar.‎ Different fixing height on the wall, accessories and combinations with the frame create ever new solutions.‎

The bar can act as a convenient shelf and a light source.‎ You can equip it with two LED bars, in the upper part and in the lower part, to light the room and create an interplay of light and shadow on the wall behind the bed.‎ Lastly, thanks to four Bluetooth stereo amplifiers, it is possible to connect tablets and smartphones.

Discover Wallover furnishing system by Caccaro

Discover Freedhome by Caccaro: a structured system to furnish the walls of your home and keep everything perfectly tidy

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