Tradition and mythology at Ladon Brasa&Grill, Tenerife

The interior design of the Ladon Brasa&Grill restaurant in Tenerife draws inspiration from Greek myths


Fantasy and dream characterize the atmosphere of the Ladon Brasa&Grill restaurant in Tenerife. The image of the dragon inspired this project carried out by Valencia-based firm estudi{H}ac. The name of the Ladon restaurant derives from the Greek mythological creature that looks like a dragon with a hundred heads and, together with the Hesperides, guards the garden.

estudi{H}ac drew inspiration from this legend and image for the layout of the 660 sqm space. The restaurant is divided into several areas, with different paths characterized by different feels and colors. The land of origin, Tenerife, with its volcanic nature, seas and endless skies can be perceived in many details. Even the color palette is influenced by the island, with colors ranging from ash to earth, from green to red. Lava stone walls and floors, copper structures and black ceramic scales blend with the large image of a dragon’s skin.

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ladon-grill-tenerifeThe imposing barbecue symbolizes fire and red is a recurring choice for chairs’ upholstery. A large wood structure recalling the vegetation of Tenerife covers the walls. The restaurant houses areas with upholstered benches and round tables alternating with spaces furnished with rectangular and squared tables. The terrace is a tribute to the island’s architectures and craftsmanship, while the floor recalls a large beach of black sand, made even more suggestive by the graphic elements designed on it. [Txt: Paola Molteni; ph: Adrian Mora Morato]

Discover the H2O restaurant, a new starred restaurant in the reed

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