First Ludovica Mascheroni boutique to open in the heart of Milan

Ludovica Mascheroni, an Italian company specializing in high-end furniture and clothing, is opening its first boutique, in the Via Montenapoleone Fashion District, in September 2021


The project, named L’Appartamento (‘the apartment’), will be located at Via Gesù 13 and definitely consolidate the double soul of the Ludovica Mascheroni brand: luxury home decor and couture. A single project for a single location, where Italian craftsmanship and excellence and great attention to detail find their ideal expression. More than a store, it will be a real home, an apartment, where you can find unique made-to-measure pieces, from clothes to furniture. A complete experience to be lived without haste, immersed in a welcoming atmosphere, able to pamper and satisfy even the most demanding customer.

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An apartment with personalized furniture and clothing

Fabio Mascheroni, owner and founder of the brand with his wife Roberta Caglio, explains, “We have called this project ‘L’Appartamento’ because, just like in a home, you can find both clothing and furniture. Moreover, we want to give the impression of entering a home, not a store.”

A chest for sanitizing clothes, by Ludovica Mascheroni

Ludovica Mascheroni’s boutique is on three levels, for a total of 250 square meters. Each floor is characterized by a different wood: oak, maple and cedar. On the ground floor, where oak prevails, you will find men’s and women’s clothing, as well as the brand’s most iconic furnishings. The second floor, where maple stands out, is dedicated to womenswear, and a suite becomes a fitting room when necessary. There is also a dining space with a hideaway kitchen and a living area equipped with sofa, armchairs and a new model of smart bookcase, as well as the artistic boiserie. Lastly, in the basement, where cedar dominates, you will find menswear, closets and walk-in closets, and a lounge space with a mobile bar and tea room.

A home couture kit by Ludovica Mascheroni

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