Ruralation Museum Hotel

Ruralation Museum Hotel, in Tangshan, at the foot of Mount Zijin, in the suburbs of Nanjing, is the perfect place to find peace and harmony

Ruralation Museum Hotel

Near a large quarry in Tangshan (China), AZL Architects have designed Ruralation Museum Hotel, covering an area of about 5,500 square meters. The hotel is located near the park where the remains of Homo Erectus, dating back to over 600,000 years ago, were found. The 39 bedrooms and suites offer great peace and tranquility, for stays characterized by harmony.

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The hotel, appreciated for its hot springs’ treatments, develops on three axes ideally connecting ‘human, architecture, nature.’ Milk white is the predominant color in its environments.

The entrance, on the east-west axis, opens onto a sort of square, whose light accompanies the guest to the reception, to an expansive lobby. From there, it is possible to access the library, the showroom and the exhibition hall.

The external stairs, blending with the surrounding nature, lead to the rooftop garden dedicated to meditation, the swimming pool and a multifunctional area. Small black pools, interspersed with white concrete platforms, connect 20 stone rooms made from the waste of the adjacent quarry.

Ruralation museum hotel

The whole resort is made of light-colored concrete, white stone and gray cement to set a plain atmosphere that favors meditation. The fabrics used for furnishings range from hemp rope to rattan and emphasize the sense of purity that characterizes this place.

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Discover Shinta Mani Wild, a sustainable hotel in Cambodia

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