At Fuorisalone 2021, Alcova third edition

Alcova third edition, 2021, discovers a new suburb, west of Milan

In search of new locations to rediscover, Alcova returns to Milan for its third edition, and finds new abandoned buildings that will come back to life for Fuorisalone 2021. The Alcova 2021 edition occupies three historical buildings, at the beginning of via Saint Bon, inside the Inganni barracks. The exhibition occupies about 3,500 square meters, including indoor and outdoor spaces, with over 50 exhibitors including independent designers, innovative brands, galleries, cultural institutions, and manufacturers.

Alcova 2021 venue. Photo Delfino Sisto Lignani

As in previous editions, Alcova 2021 joins established figures from the international scene, presenting innovative products and materials, installations, workshops, site-specific projects. Ecological, political, and anthropological discourses, stories about design history, or expressions of new exhibition currents are interwoven among the different works featured in this new edition.

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Alcova 2021 venue. Photo Delfino Sisto Lignani

Alcova Milan 2021 is a project curated by Space Caviar and Studio Vedèt; project team Valentina Ciuffi, Joseph Grima, Martina Muzi, Marco De Amicis, Matilde Losi, Andrea Guarinoni.

Joseph Grima and Valentina Ciuffi. Photo: Elisabetta Claudio

Herbarium of Interiors – Case Study #2. Milk Bar

Interior architecture is cataloged in a studio, like a herbarium. This is the work done by the students of MAIA (Master of Arts in Interior Architecture), under the supervision of India Madhavi. For two years, students revisited several iconic interiors, coming up with a case study. Case Study #2 is the Milk Bar, inspired by the Korova Milk Bar from the movie A Clockwork Orange. Even though the original did not actually exist, the project aims to redefine the boundaries of interior architecture, which is an increasingly prominent feature of contemporary life.

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HEAD – Genève & India Mahdavi – Michel Giesbrecht – Alice Proux

Lukas Wegwerth with Crafting Plastics!

Lukas Wegwerth and Crafting Plastics! collaborate to create a new construction system, Three + One, combining modular connectors and oak beams. The wood comes from central Germany, with a sustainable supply chain. On the other hand, the joints are made of bio-based plastic, a material polymerized from starch and metabolized by microorganisms from sugar. At Alcova 2021, it will therefore be possible to see furniture elements combining bioplastics and wood.

Bioplastic joint, Three+One system, Lukas Wegwerth and Crafting Plastics!

MUT Design and its eleventh anniversary

Valencia-based studio MUT Design is celebrating its eleventh anniversary, after skipping the tenth due to the pandemic. To celebrate this anniversary, the studio organized a setup with its most iconic products. The products will be set in Mediterranean landscapes, with 3D images created with artist Massimo Colonna.

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Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, the founders of MUT Design

Alcove Milan 2021 and the nature that takes over its spaces

Nature taking over abandoned spaces is the ideal setting for Visionnaire’s Aracea lamp. On the second floor of the “Casa delle Suore (“House of the Sisters”), a dim light, filtered by leaves, hosts the installation De Rerum Natura curated by Gunilla Zamboni AKA Gupica. The Aracea light design project is a collection of sculptural lamps, designed by Gupica for Visionnaire and presented, in all its models, for the first time at Alcova. A delicate and at the same time iconic presence, the Aracea lamp draws inspiration from exotic plants, synthesizing their forms and transforming the leaf into a luminous object.

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Aracea lamp, by Visionnaire. Photo: Elettra Bastoni

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