Supersalone 2021 to debut under a lucky star

A strong growth in exports and the recovery of the domestic market, with some uncertainty

An atmosphere of optimism pervades the eve of Supersalone 2021, the special event by Salone del Mobile.Milano. As a matter of fact, the furniture market experienced a strong growth of exports in the first five months of 2021.

The Italian furnishing macrosystem is currently worth 21 billion euros, of which 11 billion are destined for export and 10 billion for the national market.

If we consider the first five months of 2021, we see that the exports in the furnishing and lighting macrosystem experienced a strong growth (5.4 billion euros, +43.2%) compared with the same period of 2020, and there was also a moderate increase compared to the data of 2019, when exports accounted for 5.1 billion euros (+5.7% over 2019), despite the uncertainties that still characterize this period.

The curators of the Supersalone

France (988.5 billion euros, +53.7% over January-May 2020; +15.3% over January-May 2019), United States (573.5 billion euros; +73.7%; +35.2%), Germany (555.5 billion euros; +32.8%; +8.6%), the United Kingdom and Switzerland were the top five commercial outlets. At the same time, the top 25 destination markets for Italian furniture exports show positive trends, testifying to the healthy state of exports.

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The Italian furnishing market is recovering

The sales situation is also positive, according to data from FederlegnoArredo Study Center. In particular, in the first half of 2021, the Italian market experienced a recovery. Sales, compared to the same period in 2020, rose by 51.7%, with +67.3% on the Italian market. Where it is possible to make comparisons with the first half of 2019, a 14.3% increase in overall sales and a 21.4% increase in Italy can be seen. The segments related to the domestic environment closed 2020 with a smaller drop than the -9.1% experienced by the supply chain as a whole; the heaviest price was paid by segments such as office (-20%) and professional and commercial furniture.

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However, companies’ forecasts are still affected by the uncertain situation determined by various causes. In addition to the pandemic situation, which is still unclear, there are factors that are subject to fluctuations, such as the availability of raw materials. Moreover, if the pandemic were to be definitively overcome, families may once again spend their money on travel and leisure.

Currently, the overall trend seems to be positive, especially for the Italian market, which, also thanks to tax incentives, is playing a more important role than in recent years. For most companies, 2021 should therefore close better than 2020.

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Supersalone and the future of furniture

In this optimistic atmosphere, Supersalone opens on Sunday, September 5, 2021. Overall, Supersalone will occupy 68,520 square meters, with 425 exhibitors and 1,900 projects. The packed program of talks and lectures includes over 40 famous speakers (architects, innovators, visionaries, entrepreneurs, artists and politicians). There will also be a films festival in partnership with the Milano Design Film Festival, four Food Courts conceived by Identità Golose and starring nine of the greatest interpreters of Italian cuisine.

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