Artemide participates in Fuorisalone 2021 with many new projects

At Fuorisalone 2021, Artemide has presented the new exhibition center and confirmed its commitment to improving the quality of lighting

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2021, Artemide has inaugurated its new exhibition center, in Pregnana Milanese. Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, the new showroom is directly connected to the Innovation Centre at the company’s headquarters just outside Milan.

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Directly connected to the testing and certification laboratories and to the research and development department, the new showroom is a direct expression of Artemide’s know-how. Training and research will be the heart of this center, where it is possible to experiment the Integralis technology of sanitizing light.

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An architectural ribbon runs through the 1,000 sqm space, marking the different environments. The curved lines of the walls break and overlap to create passages and divide the space without closures, by using cuts of light.

The new Artemide showroom, designed by Mario Cucinella Architects

The open and permeable structure between inside and outside lets you see the industrial building through the openings in the false ceilings. Moreover, the alternation of indoor and outdoor lights creates a changing atmosphere, which changes depending on the room.


Artemide and sanitizing light: Integralis

Confirming its continuous commitment to spreading a culture of “good lighting,” Artemide keeps developing Integralis, the lighting system that sanitizes environments. Integralis adapts the sanitizing intensity to the rhythm of presence and absence of people in spaces and to the type of action required.

Integralis, the light by Artemide that acts as a room sanitizer

Spaces such as offices, stores, schools, museums, where people are present only during the day, for example, can be sanitized at night with the maximum intensity of radiation for a long time. In the same environments, during the day, you can use a light that maintains the sanitization implemented during the night. This mode offers a perfectly functional white light, which is also active against bacteria.

The light spectrum of Integralis for room sanitization

In service areas, elevators, toilets, dressing rooms, lobbies and waiting rooms, where people are staying temporarily, it is possible to opt for punctual “intermittent” sanitization. The discontinuous mode is activated and deactivated by presence sensors, working at a higher intensity and in a shorter time when there are no people, to ensure the safety and sanitization of the space for each user.

The light spectrum of Integralis for room sanitization

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