The new Antolini Stoneroom in Milan

Natural stone has a new home in Milan: Antolini Stoneroom

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2021, Antolini has inaugurated its new showroom in Milan: a large space dedicated to natural stone, the favorite material of many architects and interior designers.


Antolini Stoneroom is located in the heart of Milan, between Piazza Fontana and Via San Clemente. There, eight large windows open onto the world of natural stone and marble, right in front of one of the most important marble works in the world: the Duomo of Milan. The space is made even more spectacular thanks to the sunlight that changes throughout the day.

Discover Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano


The space covers an area of 600 square meters on two floors. In this project by Alessandro La Spada, materials are interpreted in different ways. On the upper floor, visitors can admire the expressions of natural stone in interior architecture, starting from the reception counter. The floors deserve a special mention: the architect has taken advantage of the natural veining of marble to design the paths on the floor. Finally, the large wall facing outwards offers a nice surprise effect.

Each design, just like the stairs leading to the lower floor, follows the veining of the slabs, which, in this way, naturally completes the project.

Antolini natural stone for interior design

The lower floor hosts the infinite possibilities in terms of colors and finishes that Antolini is able to offer thanks to constant research. There, it is possible to touch and see all the possible surface finishes, either soft or textural, for different architectural, residential, contract and hospitality projects.

Thanks to technology, at Antolini’s showroom in Milan it is possible to select the veining and see the life-size slab to preview the final result during the design phase. But Antolini takes special care also of the samples, which are available in different sizes and can be easily compared. In total, a selection of more than 1.300 natural materials, represented by over 5.000 samples, is there to satisfy even the most demanding interior designers.

Antolini’s showroom is the new reference point for marble and natural stones in Milan, a magic place where even the most complex projects can find their ideal material.

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