duka presents acqua 5000 new

acqua 5000 new, the iconic shower enclosure by duka, has a new look and a new technology to offer even greater versatility in interior design projects

Elegant and performing, the acqua 5000 new shower enclosure by duka, features a compensation profile with micrometric adjustment. The glass is inserted into the profile and fixed with two adjustable screws that allow the glass to be adjusted up to 25 mm.

To eliminate the need for screws and obtain a perfectly smooth surface, some elements and components of acqua 5000 new are bonded to the glass by means of UV adhesive technology. In this way, as there are no obstacles, the interior becomes even easier to clean.

The new seal system offers maximum protection thanks to a thin aluminum profile containing the PVC seal. As the water runs down the aluminum profile, the lifespan of the PVC seal is longer. Moreover, the PVC seal of the shower enclosure can be easily removed for better cleaning. The new seal system is accompanied by the new anti-flood profile, which offers better protection against splashing water.

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Ergonomics is ensured by the handles, which make it easy to open the doors. The magnetic aluminum profile guarantees the perfect closure of the door.

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Design is one of the strengths of the acqua 5000 new shower enclosure by duka. The profiles are available in different finishes: Chrome/Silver High Polish, Stainless Steel Look and Black. Moreover, there are two new glass variants: Nubes is a clear glass with silkscreen print that fades out gradually upwards; Parsol grey glass is available with anthracite Privé and anthracite silkscreen print on the upper edge.

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The panels of the acqua 5000 new shower enclosure by duka can be combined in many different ways. A simple panel for a masonry niche solution, or two panels with or without side element. Or again, two or three panels with a corner entry, or various custom solutions, combining different glass finishes with the infinite configurations of the shower enclosure. duka’s acqua 5000 new shower enclosure, with its clean lines, minimalist design, customization possibilities, is ideal for different interior design styles, both in residential and contract environments.

duka’s shower enclosures will be at Cersaie 2021, September 27 – October 1

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