The first A-FOLD modular wooden house in France: authentic design

A-FOLD represents Italian design in prefabricated construction in France

A-FOLD is one of the most important manufacturers of prefabricated modular wooden houses in Italy. These types of houses represent a revolution for the construction sector: they are extremely functional and characterized by architectural designs of high value. Modular wooden houses, therefore, are a valid alternative to traditional constructions, in line with the evolution of lifestyles. And the first modular house built in France, in the hills of Blotzheim, has been a great success with trade operators from France, Switzerland, Germany, Israel and Spain. Also several newspapers and broadcasters have dedicated services and wide spaces to the A-FOLD house.


A-FOLD prefabricated houses: the models

A-FOLD offers two kinds of modular wooden houses: Model A and Model T. The two models are available in different sizes and can be customized with a wide range of finishes. Model T has a geometric shape particularly appreciated by lovers of contemporary design, while Model A is addressed to people seeking more traditional comfort.

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Modular and customizable houses

A-FOLD modular homes offer many customization possibilities; they are custom designed and manufactured to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Modular wooden houses are extremely versatile and able to fulfill different functions. They can be permanent, temporary or even emergency residences, for example in case of natural disasters. The wide range of finishes, different in type and color, allows you to complete the house in line with your style. The house in Alsace is made with a Model A, with minimalist finishes and furniture.


A-FOLD wooden houses are built in record time

As A-FOLD prefabricated foldable wooden houses are modular, their construction technique is simpler than that of traditional houses. All of their parts are built internally and then assembled on site, which greatly reduces construction time and makes it possible to define with certainty the time of the turnkey delivery. The A-FOLD house in France was built in just 8 weeks, from the moment foundations were laid.

Discover other models of A-FOLD prefabricated houses

Sustainable life in prefabricated wooden houses

The construction of A-FOLD Houses, prefabricated wooden homes, is carried out entirely in Italy: all solutions and finishes are characterized by the high quality and style typical of Italian manufacturing. The wood used in the production processe is carefully selected and comes only from sustainably managed forests. In addition to the benefits for the environment, the properties of the building materials ensure excellent thermal conductivity, vapor permeability and acoustic insulation. By purchasing an A-FOLD house you are assured of investing in a sustainable construction process from start to finish: the construction does not take place in the open air, which helps minimize the environmental impact of the construction, reducing air, water and noise pollution. Moreover, it is also possible to integrate a photovoltaic system, making the home even more sustainable. Solar power allows owners to achieve high energy performance by using renewable energy.

Resistant and anti-seismic modular wooden houses, without compromising on style

The structure of A-FOLD modular houses is able to cope with seismic shocks effectively, as it has the flexibility to disperse the energy of earth tremors in case of earthquakes. Moreover, thanks to the artisanal construction method and quality of materials, A-FOLD homes are also windproof. They are designed to withstand winds of up to 145 km/h, without sacrificing aesthetics. Currently, new solutions are being developed to withstand even category 5 hurricanes. A-FOLD modular wooden houses are the perfect solution for those looking for a comfortable, safe and sustainable space to live anywhere, without sacrificing design.

Discover other models of A-FOLD prefabricated houses

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