Aran Cucine and Milesi team up for a more sustainable future

Aran Cucine and Milesi develop a new sustainable project that will be presented at EuroCucina 2022


Aran Cucine and Milesi are two major Italian manufacturers – producing kitchen furniture and coatings, respectively – that have decided to join their expertise to create a kitchen project that promotes sustainability.

At Milesi and Aran, all processes respect both the environment and human beings. For this reason, plants, production and R&D departments actively collaborate to promote environmental sustainability. The two companies, committed to the research of ecological and recyclable materials, will present a new project for the kitchen at EuroCucina 2022, during the Salone del Mobile 2022. It will be a new kitchen concept, addressed to those looking for flexible and functional solutions that are also environmentally friendly.


Ecofriendly coatings by Milesi in Aran Cucine kitchens

Milesi is a brand of the IVM Group distributed in over 100 countries, specializing in wood coatings with highly sustainable processes. Milesi’s continuous research has led to the creation of ecofriendly coatings such as BioPAINT, developed with raw materials from renewable sources, and Healthy.Wood, a sanitizing paint that gives surfaces complete protection against bacteria, inhibiting bacterial proliferation by more than 99.9%.

Milesi’s BioPAINT coatings contain up to 75% raw materials derived from vegetable waste, offering ecofriendly solutions that enhance the quality of living. Healthy.Wood and BioPAINT coatings can be used for pieces of furniture and accessories; they preserve the aesthetic characteristics of wood while helping make the home healthier. The latest innovations by Aran Cucine and Milesi coatings will be on display at Eurocucina 2022.

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