Quirinale Contemporaneo 2021: the third phase of the design project at the Quirinal Palace

In 2021, the Quirinale Contemporaneo project has been enriched with other artworks and design pieces

Launched in June 2019, Quirinale Contemporaneo is an initiative by the President of the Italian Republic, aimed at promoting Italian art and design at the Quirinal Palace. On June 2nd, 2019, 68 works, including 36 works by contemporary artists and 32 design objects, were presented. In 2020, 75 pieces, including artworks and design objects, joined the collection. Among the best examples of Made in Italy production, these furniture pieces were placed in the courtyards, halls and gardens of the Quirinal Palace.

Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini, Fazzoletto Tricolore, 1947/2021, Venini; Salone delle Feste

The third phase of Quirinale Contemporaneo, in 2021, has brought to 101 the works of contemporary art and to 102 the design objects that are part of the cultural heritage of the Presidency of the Republic. The works of art, furnishings and accessories are distributed among the Quirinal Palace, the Castelporziano Estate and Villa Rosebery.

Discover the first phase of Quirinale Contemporaneo

Discover the second phase of Quirinale Contemporaneo qui

Emiliana Martelli, Pistillo, Martinelli Luce; Courtyard of Honor and Villa Rosebery

The Quirinal Palace and Made in Italy production

The institutional offices of the President of the Republic still feature the original decorative layout dating back to the papal and Savoy periods. Today, thanks to the Quirinale Contemporaneo project, halls and gardens are enriched with works of art by the most significant artists of the second half of the 20th century and the 21st century. The curator of the Quirinale Contemporaneo project and catalog, Renata Cristina Mazzantini, highlights that this initiative “demonstrates that Italy does not live solely in the reflection of its magnificent tradition but, today as in the past, is an extraordinary hotbed of creativity”.

Discover the first phase of Quirinale Contemporaneo

Discover the second phase of Quirinale Contemporaneo qui

Mario Nanni, Coppibartali, Viabizzuno; Cappella dell’Annunziata

Also for this edition the works do not come from public museums; the selection makes available to the citizens other pieces that until now have been less visible. Secretary General Ugo Zampetti added that “the Quirinale Contemporaneo initiative highlights the process of renovation and transformation of the offices of the Presidency of the Republic, developed during President Mattarella’s seven-year term. Many artists and companies have spontaneously contributed to its realization, believing in the historical and cultural value of the project.

The “Quirinale Contemporaneo” Project is included in the visit route to the Quirinal Palace (palazzo.quirinale.it).

In the photo gallery below, all the design works of the Quirinale Contemporaneo project

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