Italian Design at the Quirinal Palace

“Quirinale Contemporaneo” is an initiative by Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Italian Republic, aimed at promoting Italian art and design at the Quirinal Palace

Since June 2nd, 2019, the courtyards, halls and gardens of the Quirinal Palace have been hosting 68 works including 36 works by prominent contemporary artists and 32 design objects produced by Italian companies. In the photo galleries you can see the objects selected for Quirinale Contemporaneo.Among the objects on show are many design icons from the Sixties and from the Seventies as well as several contemporary projects, representative of the most valued Made in Italy production around the world. The selection of works and objects, which is constantly evolving, is curated by Cristina Mazzantini, head of cultural heritage of the Quirinal.The video shows the preparation of Quirinale Contemporaneo. The opening picture is a photograph from Massimo Listri’s exhibition “Il Palazzo del Quirinale: suggestioni d’autore”. [Roberta Mutti]

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