DDN HUB: goodbye and see you at the Fuorisalone 2022

DDN HUB 2021: over 25,000 visitors to the Fuorisalone event in 2021

The Fuorisalone 2021 hosted once again DDN HUB, the event organized by DDW Design Diffusion World. Held on Piazza del Cannone, within the Sforza Castle, the 2021 edition welcomed over 25,000 visitors, including professionals and design enthusiasts to an exhibition space of over 2,000 square meters.

The numerous installations illustrated the relationship between man and the surrounding environment

DDN HUB 2021: in the foreground, Francesca Russo. Ph: Alain Ognibene

Archetype, a project by VGA Architecs for A.A.T.C., was an apparently monolithic marble architecture that concealed a modular structure. A block of Chiampo Grolla in the rough, worked on some faces, enabled a visual, tactile, and auditory interaction between visitors and the material.

Archetype, by VGA Architects for AATC. Ph: Alain Ognibene

Spatium proposed a new hospitality and wellness concept, and a new way of experiencing outdoor spaces: comfort combined with expressive power and modular personality.

Spatium Piscine, ph: Alain Ognibene

Lastly, street furniture by HWstyle, in collaboration with architecture firm Progetto CMR, allowed for a dialogue between natural materials and greenery

La Fenice greenhouse, the heart of DDN HUB

As usual, the heart of the event was the La Fenice greenhouse, which hosted 15 talks with over 45 speakers. The meetings were an opportunity to explore with the audience themes related to design, architecture, hospitality and sustainability.

Among the events and topics there were sports, design and sustainability; kind luxury in architecture and hospitality; the official launch of the first book on the History of the Milan Design Week, published by DDW Design Diffusion World.

Discover the book about the History of the Milan Design Week and download an excerpt

Moreover, MGI Group talked about marble and design, telling the story of the material from the extraction from the quarry to its application in Italian and international projects. The meetings also dealt with the dialogue between Italy and China, and circular economy, in collaboration with Tondo.

Piazza del Cannone alsto hosted leading starred chefs such as Eugenio Boer, Enrico Delfingher, Gianni Tarabini, Viviana Varese, Silvia Baracchi, Paolo Gramaglia, showing that design is all about project, even in the food sector.

Discover the full schedule of DDN HUB 2021

Below, other pictures of DDN HUB 2021, with photographs by Alain Ognibene, Davide Bonaiti, Elena Di Vincenzo

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