Terratinta Group: an excellence in the land of excellences

A company with a strong sense of community, Terratinta Group has its roots in an area of excellence, where made in Italy production is at its best

Terratinta was founded in 2008, as a manufacturer of ceramic surfaces, by Luca Migliorini, CEO, who had a business partner at first. From 2008 to 2020, the company grew to the size of the 2020 budget, with 42 employees and 22 million euros in sales. In 2017, the Terratinta Group was born from the union between Terratinta Ceramiche, founded in 2010, and Ceramica Magica, a historical brand of Italian ceramics since 1983.

In 2020, Terratinta Group became a Benefit Corporation, with a corporate charter by which the company commits to having a positive impact on society and the biosphere, besides budgetary objectives. The next goal is the B. Corp certification, the global movement of companies that choose to produce social benefits along with profit.

In 2020, the company renovated an old industrial plant in Fiorano Modenese to make its new headquarters, which have been inaugurated recently.  The new headquarters occupy a total of 45,000 square meters, 2,000 of which are dedicated to showrooms and offices. From the ventilation to the lighting system, from heating to air conditioning, the new offices and warehouse aim to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

Discover Terratinta Group at Cersaie 2019, with the stand designed by Francesco Lucchese

The new spaces are energy self-sufficient and include workspaces as well as environments dedicated to relationships, conviviality, well-being: kitchen, gym, relaxation area (winter garden), children’s area and more.

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Terratinta Group: ceramic surfaces for different needs

Currently, the brands in the Terratinta Group are Terratinta Ceramiche, Ceramica Magica, Sartoria, Micro, Atmosfere. Each brand talks to a specific audience and satisfies different needs. From contract to residential uses, these brands offer porcelain stoneware collections for different interior design styles, from Nordic minimalism to warmer, Mediterranean atmospheres.


Terratinta Group’s strength lies in being at the center of a production district of excellence, which allows it to have a complete network of suppliers within a few kilometers. The efficient supply chain allows the group to work with flexibility, versatility and punctual deliveries; thanks to the different technologies available to suppliers, the group is also able to diversify its offerings to reach different markets. Moreover, very close relationships make it possible to control the quality of supplies and the adherence of suppliers to the same principles of sustainability of the group.

Discover the trends in ceramic surfaces for 2021


More than finishes: furniture

The latest brand added to the group is Atmosfere, a project with Francesco Lucchese’s art direction. Atmosfere represents the first step of a future evolution of the Group towards an even more complete offer. The proposals by Atmosfere are increasingly expanding towards complete projects, also including furnishing elements and accessories. This catalog will include complete environments, different in mood and style.

Discover Terratinta Group at Cersaie 2019, with the stand designed by Francesco Lucchese


In this way, finishes and furnishings become an integral part of the Italian style, the style that becomes excellence, particularly in this production district. Terratinta Group is headquartered in the heart of an area that hosts the excellences that have given Italy its worldwide fame. In addition to the best producers of ceramics, this area of Italy is home to excellence in other sectors, such as Ferrari, and is also an area of excellent food products that welcomes culinary tourists from all over the world.

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