Ceramic surfaces: trends 2021

Graphic lines, ethnic inspirations, marble and wood effects for ceramic surface trends in 2021

In-person trade fairs are back along with the reviews of new products. Cersaie 2021 has revealed the trends in ceramic surfaces, with new graphics, new thicknesses and many different colors. Porcelain stoneware perfectly reproduces natural materials, with tactile surfaces that vibrate under the light. There are several advantages to using porcelain stoneware: it is recyclable, long-lasting and extremely resistant to wear. Moreover, thanks to the new technologies it is possible to have very thin large-format slabs with a very low weight. Mass-dyed ceramics, on the other hand, allow for extremely textured surfaces that vibrate under changing light, thanks also to glossy finishes, glazes, and matte/glossy contrasts. Below are the ceramic trends emerged at Cersaie 2021.

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Wabi-Sabi collection, by Federica Biasi for Decoratori Bassanesi

New graphics

Lea Ceramiche presented a new collection by Ferruccio Laviani, who also designed the stand and the corporate image of the whole Panaria group for Cersaie, with the Panariagroup Masterplan. Masterpiece, the new collection, is a set of modules and colors that can create endless combinations.

Masterpiece collection, by Ferruccio Laviani for Lea Ceramiche, at Cersaie 2021

The textural surface is composed of granular cement in five colors (Master) with micro-inclusions of chips (Piece), which together create a three-dimensional surface. The five colors of the cement base are mixed with the five colors of grains, for combinations with different effects, either contrasting or tone-on-tone.

Masterpiece collection, by Ferruccio Laviani for Lea Ceramiche, at Cersaie 2021

FAP Ceramiche presents FAP Murals, a collection of wall panels. Thanks to the research on decoration, ceramic wall tiles become a furnishing element, characterized by glossy lacquer on a matte background. FAP Murals decorations include Tropical, Flower and Tropical motifs for different interior design styles. In these images, Texture Macro, with decorations made with color contrasts in simplified shapes.

Discover the Nux collection, by Fap Ceramiche

trend cersaie 2021

To celebrate 10 years of collaboration with Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Mutina presented Ensemble, a re-edition of the Pico, Rombini, Punto and Bloc collections. In the images, the new editions of Punto and Rombini, whose three-dimensional surfaces acquire particular vibrations under different lights. Traditional double-firing enhances the richness of the surfaces, covered with a glossy and shiny glaze.

Material surfaces and ethnic inspiration

ABK presented a new ceramic collection focused on graphics and decoration. Poetry House presents two collections that draw inspiration from natural materials, wood and stone. Poetry Stone offers a wide range of patterns and textures, with decorations that change depending on the format. Ethnic inspiration is a recurring motif in the work of Paola Navone, who designed the collection.

Wabi-Sabi, the new collection by Federica Biasi for Decoratori Bassanesi, is based on the concept of “imperfection”, for a series of surfaces with the irregularities typical of craftsmanship. The series includes two textures, Wabi and Sabi, from the Japanese word that expresses the concept of “beauty of imperfection”. Wabi has a richer texture, while Sabi is more essential and tangible. Together, they make up a ceramic wall tile collection that creates walls with soft, changing light.

trend cersaie 2021

Loom, Studio Irvine’s full-body stoneware collection for Mosaico+, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, plays on installation. The 14×70 cm pre-cut modules, 8.5 mm thick, have surfaces with different textures. Once laid, the modules are no longer recognizable and the surface becomes a combination of different elements, shapes and sizes. The collection includes two left and two right patterns.

trend cersaie 2021

Wood-effect ceramic

The world of decoration is evolving, and surfaces inspired by wood are evolving as well. Gendai Wood, by Casalgrande Padana, is inspired by burnt cedar wood; the ancient Japanese technique entailed charring cedar or cypress wood and then sealing it with oil. di Casalgrande Padana’s new Gendai Wood collection is available in five color variants (Gendai Black, Brown, Green, Grey and White) in a single format, with a waxed surface. The wood-effect stoneware planks have imperfect veins that recall the original wood species and are suitable for any interior design style.

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Poetry Wood, by Paola Navone for ABK, recalls the softness of wood, of natural surfaces with the elegant patina of passing time. It is available in four colors and four plank formats, with finishes that emphasize the texture of the wood or an iridescent metallic effect.

Refin, with the Cortina collection, expresses different essences and various degrees of wood aging to reproduce the staves of mountain chalets. The Almond, Honey, Natural and Tobacco shades also accentuate the natural richness of the wood recovered from the ancient alpine chalets that inspired the collection. The collection offers two formats of 9-mm-thick planks, with complementary decors.

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The porcelain stoneware of the new Lineo collection by Ceramiche Keope expresses all the charm of wood. Ideal for both domestic spaces and commercial and public environments, the Lineo series is available in several colors, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Honey color (in the photo) is offered in three formats. The Lineo series can be combined with other Keope surface effects.

Classic marble and stone

A timeless trend in ceramic wall tiles is represented by marbles and stones. Casalgrande Padana presents the timeless appeal of classic marbles in the Marmoker collection. The new shades of the porcelain stoneware slabs range from Carrara white and Statuario Fine, to Statuario Altissimo and Extra Oro, up to the dark tones of Deep Dark and Starry Night. In total, the collection includes 39 different textures, 10 formats, 3 thicknesses, to satisfy any project and any kind of interior design.

Discover the R-Evolution and Manhattan collections by Casalgrande Padana

Elysian, by Mirage, seeks a balance between graphic harmony and chromatic complexity, and draws inspiration from natural elements, in particular from the mining world. The collection includes 8 natural subjects in porcelain stoneware, suitable for tiling outdoor floors and walls. Available in different sizes, it has finishes in different nuances, inspired by different landscapes: Mediterranean, desert, Nordic, libertine, travertine. In the image, Gris Catalan.

Panariagroup, which specializes in the production of large format slabs, has created the new Maxa collection, with 12-mm-thick slabs reinforced with a fiberglass mesh. The processing makes the slabs particularly resistant, with less risk of breakage during transport and processing, and even more reliable. An important feature of MAXA surfaces is the possibility of processing the edges so as to adapt them to different design requirements. MAXA is also environmentally friendly and recyclable, containing no plastics, coatings or resins, and has colors that do not fade in the light, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Sintered stone in new finishes

Always among the trends in ceramic surfaces with marble finish, Musa by Lapitec is the full-body sintered stone, versatile and eco-friendly. Bianco Atena, Bianco Giulia and Bianco Venere are the new colors, presented as concept colors at Cersaie 2021. The three proposals join the Bianco Vittoria, Bianco Elettra and Bianco Aurora nuances, and offer three variations in the thickness of the veining, highlighted in contrasting shades of gray on the white base. In case of holes, cuts and special processing, Lapitec slabs maintain the particular veining running throughout the thickness, which makes the slabs suitable for many applications – floors, walls, kitchen and bathroom tops. Moreover, Musa sintered stone is free of resins, paints and petroleum derivatives, resistant to scratches, temperature changes and chemical agents, as well as hygienic and easy to clean.

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