Geberit AquaClean: “è tutta un’altra musica”

La Pina, DJ and all-around artist, is the ambassador for Geberit AquaClean, the collection of shower toilets promoting a new dimension of domestic wellness

Design Meets Function clearly expresses the philosophy of the AquaClean shower toilets by Geberit: design models everyday wellness. In AquaClean products, technological innovation, aesthetics and functionality coexist synergistically, and become an expression of the brand’s values.

Design and much more: with Geberit’s AquaClean shower toilets, comfort, freshness and wellness are at your fingertips, in a single, simple gesture. And it is so simple that it becomes a good daily practice that completes our hygiene and health routine. Running water gives an incomparable sensation of well-being, a feeling of absolute freshness, which allows you to always feel at ease. And the comfort that comes from always feeling in perfect order allows you to have easier relationships with others as you always feel good about yourself.

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geberit aquaclean vasi bidet

AquaClean by Geberit: wellness and design

In addition to ensuring comfort and well-being, Geberit AquaClean shower toilets strike a perfect balance between technology and design. The three models in the collection, Mera, Sela and Tuma, are available both as complete solutions and as seats to be installed on pre-existing ceramic toilets. Therefore, AquaClean shower toilets are ideal both for new buildings and for more complex renovations, where it may be necessary to save space in the bathroom. Moreover, their minimalist design concept makes it possible to adapt these shower toilets to different interior design styles.

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geberit aquaclean vasi bidet

AquaClean Mera

Europe’s best-selling shower toilet is AquaClean Mera, designed by Christoph Behling. Its essential design conceals a sophisticated integrated system: in addition to the rimless bowl with TurboFlush technology, Mera offers the WhirlSpray technology and some additional functions such as seat heating, automatic seat opening mechanism by proximity sensor, ambient light system. The result is a design element that decorates and offers everyday wellness at once.

geberit aquaclean vasi bidet

AquaClean Sela

AquaClean Sela’s design, by Christoph Behling, is even more essential and contemporary. Sela offers all the classic, simple and intuitive functions of a Geberit shower toilet: the patented WhirlSpray technology for comfort and wellness, the very quiet and effective TurboFlush flushing technology, the rimless toilet that makes cleaning easy and an automatic descaling program. AquaClean Sela is also equipped with orientation lighting in seven colors and five brightness levels.

Discover AquaClean shower toilets on the website Geberit-AquaClean

geberit aquaclean vasi bidet

AquaClean Tuma

AquaClean Tuma, available in the wall-mounted and in the free-standing versions, is the most versatile element in the collection. The innovation of AquaClean Tuma lies in its installation as it is available both as a complete solution and as a seat to be installed on pre-existing ceramic toilets. AquaClean Tuma is available in two designs: Comfort and Classic. The Comfort model offers several functions: in addition to the WhirlSpray shower technology and heated seat, it offers an odor extraction system and a warm air dryer, for an authentic wellness experience. The Classic model offers all the essential functions of a shower toilet.

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