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The green world of Doimo Cucine since 1994

Doimo Cucine has taken care of the environment, thinking about the future of the Earth and mankind, since 1994


Doimo Cucine

Sustainability and respect for the environment are the order of the day; reducing waste and living in an increasingly sustainable way should translate into simple daily gestures that everyone should adopt responsibly. Doimo Cucine has been applying sustainable practices to all its activities since 1994: its “green” heart, therefore, has been continuously evolving for nearly 30 years.

An attitude that involves every business process, down to the smallest detail; since 2006, Doimo Cucine has been using shells made of certified materials. The ecological IdroLEB panels are water-resistant and are made from 100% recycled wood, FSC (ForestStewardship Council) certified, and their formaldehyde emissions are among the lowest in the world according to Japanese controls (Four Stars certificate), which are even stricter than European ones.

doimo cucine
The Aspen kitchen

Doimo Cucine: complete sustainability

However, Doimo Cucine’s pursuit of sustainability does not simply consist in the selection of materials of excellent quality that will last over time. To further reduce its environmental impact, the company has developed packaging in recycled materials, optimized in terms of weight and volume. This obviates the problem of waste disposal, eliminating polystyrene. In order to reduce energy consumption, the company has a photovoltaic system capable of satisfying 100% of its energy needs in summer. This makes it possible to reduce pollution and translates into 49,000 trees saved and 376,000 kg of CO2 less in the air each year. Last but not least, a large green area surrounds the headquarters and covers 15% of the surface.

Doimo cucine

An excellent example of Doimo Cucine’s care for the environment is the Aspen kitchen, characterized by its frame in aluminum, a 100% recyclable material. The Aspen kitchen, which is modular, is offered in eco-sustainable materials, such as different variants of glass and stoneware. Based in Nervesa della Battaglia, in the countryside near Treviso, Doimo Cucine absorbs from the earth the craftsmanship of wood and respect for the environment; production draws inspiration from tradition, and is projected into the future thanks to technological innovation. The result is a careful choice of raw materials, refined details, attention to sustainability. “Not simply making, but making well. For all of us” is a stated mission to offer robust kitchens that last over time, in tune with people’s expectations about the furniture of the room that is the heart of the house and of their lives.

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