Porcelain stoneware and wood parquet

For Corà Parquet Pininfarina designs a porcelain stoneware parquet for all the floors of the house

The new parquet by Pininfarina for Corà Parquet is called Miraggio and is a dream come true. This new floor combines wood and porcelain stoneware in a continuous surface, which allows you to decorate all areas of the house, without any interruption. From the living room to the terrace, kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom, a Miraggio floor has technical features that make it possible to have the same finish in all rooms.

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Miraggio, the new parquet by Pininfarina for Corà Parquet

The new parquet manages to harmoniously combine wood and stoneware, thanks to the possibility of choosing and varying the colors and the modularity of wood and stoneware. In this way, the geometry of the laying pattern can be unique and personalized.

Miraggio planks by Corà Parquet can be laid both on walls and floors

The oak planks, in four color variants, can be used on both floors and walls. A technological and innovative support makes it possible to lay the wooden surface together with the thin ceramic slab in Laminam. The wide range of Laminam ceramic finishes completes the Miraggio collection, which includes four different finishes for wooden planks.

A detail of the Miraggio parquet by Pininfarina for Corà Parquet

Musk, a wax-effect finish, gives the floor a silky feel; Rovere has a surface treated with a special varnish that, by blocking oxidation, keeps the original color and appearance of the wood unaltered, as if it had just been cut.

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Marco Polo is a matte finish that gives wood a textured appearance; lastly, Maracuja, an oil-treated surface, has a natural and velvety feel. The available sizes are 147x700mm, 147×1,000mm, 147×1,400mm, all 15 mm thick. The wooden surfaces are also treated with a protective hygienic varnish.

Miraggio parquet by Pininfarina on walls and floors

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