Falmec, cappa ultra compatta Light

Light, join the flat revolution

Falmec presents Light, the ultra-compact hood thanks to the Multi-Air technology

Falmec, cappa ultra compatta Light

Falmec, one of the most sophisticated Italian brands for the kitchen, specializes in the design and production of hoods and cooktops with integrated hood. Falmec products are all equipped with advanced technology systems, such as the new ultra-compact Light hood. An island solution with great scenic impact, equipped with the ultra-compact Multi-Air extraction technology, which makes it possible to contain the entire extraction element in a small volume, just 10 cm high.

Falmec products: technology meets design

Light has an essential geometric shape that fits perfectly into modern and minimalist kitchens. It is precisely the simplicity and linearity of its forms that make Falmec’s new proposal unique and versatile at the same time. The hood features a central 120 cm or 180 cm element in tempered smoked glass; two side profiles in black satin anodized aluminum, with integrated LED strips, diffuse light along the entire lower perimeter of the two components.

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With Multi-Air the suction power normally delivered by a single engine is distributed among several small engines, guaranteeing the same suction efficiency. The Multi-Air system also uses the combined Carbon.Zeo filter. Designed by Falmec, this long-lasting and easy-to-maintain filter effectively retains odors by using materials of natural origin, such as zeolite and activated charcoal.

Discover the Spazio hood by Falmec, winner of the Compasso d’Oro Award 2020

Falmec cappa ultra compatta Light

Discover the Spazio hood by Falmec, winner of the Compasso d’Oro Award 2020

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